Daves Highway Spectacular Spiritual Singing Siblings!

Daves Highway ProfileErika          Zachary        Delaney

It’s been a little over two years since we have had the opportunity to feature Daves Highway here on Rivenmaster’s Place!

Their first appearance here was back in November of 2009 along with a very well received article published on The Skykid.com the following January which I entitled “Mississippi Music Magic.  Since that time, this Tremendous Trio has been spreading their musical magic worldwide and have amassed more than Forty One Thousand fans on their Facebook Fan Page alone!  This does not even begin to account for the thousands of fans who do not use Facebook!  They recently shared in a newsletter that their videos published by Godvine.com had been viewed nearly 2 Million times!

DH-AllThisTimeIn addition to this great success they also launched 2 CDs recorded in Nashville, their latest being their first full length CD entitled

All This Time” which has been Featured Here since it first released!

They have also made numerous Television appearances,  performed with famous musicians, and held many concerts across the U.S.

Commonly labeled as sibling internet sensations, Daves Highway is Delaney, Zachary, and Erika Daves from Jackson, MS.  The group has developed an authentic sound that includes a mix of gospel, country, folk and rock music.   And, they’ve enjoyed sharing their story and their lives with all who might listen.

We caught up with Daves Highway earlier this month and asked them about some of their thoughts and plans for the future.  The following is the results of that Q&A:

Daves Highway logo sm

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2 Boys – Norway’s Dynamic Duo!

“2 Boys” will be the next big thing to hit the international scene in the very near future.

2 Boys ColorWhile searching for new young talent last month I came across a Dynamic Duo that astounded me!  These two boys, who incidentally call themselves simply ….*”2….. “2 Boys”, were writing, producing, and performing some of the best pop music I have ever heard.   There upbeat sound, perfect pitch, and awesome harmony blend made me an instant fan and supporter.

Marcus (13) and Sondre (10) two brothers from Norway are most likely the most up and coming young pop group to hit the stage and are becoming all the rave in Norway and now internationally.

Last year the boys participated in the MPG JR Norway Contest, and carried their performance all the way to the finals. This experience gave them an even greater appetite for performing and soon thereafter began working on their first CD which was just released this past June.
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