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New Logo Rivenmaster Promo w-letteringRivenmaster Promotions first began being called Rivenmaster’s Place back in September of 2009 under this domain.  Now a little more than eight years have past and Rivenmaster has launched two other domains Rivenmaster.org and Rivenmaster.net.

For a period of time this domain was also used to transfer directly to our good friend and associate Matthew Todd’s site called Torchlight Talent.  Torchlight Talent is now fully operational and standing alone as an amazing promotional site for new young artists.

It’s been a long journey and a continually growing process which has been an exciting journey as well as rewarding experience.

This domain has now been saved and turned into an archive site no longer active on a daily basis, but retaining the amazing stories which were shared about up and coming artists from 2009 to 2016.

All new stories are now shared on the Rivenmaster.org along with joint promotions shared with Torchlight Talent.

This domain will continue to stay active as long as there is demand for the old articles. As of today April 29, 2020 we still have requests for these older stories that show the growth and development of some amazing young artist who have gone on to be signed and enjoying great careers in the music entertainment arena. In addition The old Video Blog has been revamped to offer another place for quick blurbs, press releases, new releases etc.  Check that out at Rivenmaster’s Raves!

BIG Thank you to all the readers, supporters, fans, parents, and of course the artists who over the years have made this network of sites what it has become.

So go ahead:  Browse the Archive list, or (Use the list on the right), Visit the new promo site, Use the New Music Page & check out the new Raves! Above all SUPPORT, AND PURCHASE THEIR MUSIC! of these amazing young artists!


Tyler Lorette

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