Victor Santos Brazil’s Outstanding New Performing Artist!

Victor Santos Sunlight

“Music is all around us, you just need to hear it”.

Victor Glasses
Victor Santos

Rivenmaster’s Place is extremely proud to present a young talent who is taking Brazil by storm.  Fifteen year old Victor Santos is not only an exceptional vocalist but also has a wonderful personality that shows through in every performance.

Brazilian born in Recife, northeast from Brazil, Victor grew up in a musical family and learned about music from a very early age watching his father  (Singer Louro Santos) create his music both in writing and in the recording studio.  Victor quickly picked up on his father’s style and learned all of his songs.  This strong home musical influence coupled with music he found on the internet by youthful pop artists has been the musical driving force behind Victors singing career.

When Victor was only 10 years old he was labeled “The Revelation of Carnival 2008” in Recife.  Due to this label, major newspapers also picked up on it and stories written about him also carried that title.

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