2 Boys – Norway’s Dynamic Duo!

“2 Boys” will be the next big thing to hit the international scene in the very near future.

2 Boys ColorWhile searching for new young talent last month I came across a Dynamic Duo that astounded me!  These two boys, who incidentally call themselves simply ….*”2….. “2 Boys”, were writing, producing, and performing some of the best pop music I have ever heard.   There upbeat sound, perfect pitch, and awesome harmony blend made me an instant fan and supporter.

Marcus (13) and Sondre (10) two brothers from Norway are most likely the most up and coming young pop group to hit the stage and are becoming all the rave in Norway and now internationally.

Last year the boys participated in the MPG JR Norway Contest, and carried their performance all the way to the finals. This experience gave them an even greater appetite for performing and soon thereafter began working on their first CD which was just released this past June.


Their CD which heralds the message to just “Be Yourself”, can be purchased at CDON.com, I-Tunes, and, Platekompaniet.no.  Both boys contributed in the lyrics and melody for 6 of the 10 songs on the CD.



Marcus was born July 14th, 1996 in Norway. His Father told me that even as a newborn; he was an active boy who showed very early signs of showmanship giving performances at home in their living room.  It seemed that the more family and friends would gather the greater performance Marcus would give. By the age of seven he was already singing solos and doing stage performances like a pro. His clear sounding voice and stage presence was a real crowd pleaser. Marcus soon began lessons with a vocal instructor and also benefited from his enrolment in St. Michael’s Boys Choir where he performed many solos.


Marcus was also very interested in theater and at 8 years old enrolled in Sandefjord Theatre Association.  This gave him even more experience being awarded many roles in stage productions including; The Sound of Music, The Magic Flute, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Christmas of Prøysen Land and Putti Putti Plott.


Marcus also participated 3 times in Youth culture making it to the regional finals each time. Last year he received a scholarship for his singing talent, and using his song writing skills brought both he and his brother to the finals of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with his original song “You and I”. This proved to be extremely successful for the boys and made them an overnight sensation.



Marcus, an excellent student with high marks in school is a proficient guitarist and has just started learning keyboard.   In 2009 Marcus and his brother appeared on Norway’s Got Talent with only their guitars singing another original song “A World” followed up by yet another performance this year which has brought them further recognition.


As each month passes the boys receive more and more requests for concerts and live performances. While this article is being written, the boys are appearing nightly at a large hotel in Norway.  Television and Radio appearances are becoming the norm for the boys and their fame has now reached well beyond Norway to the US and Europe.   On July 26th they will perform on TV2 for the program “Summertime”.

Marcus loves music and dreams to work with music full time as an adult.





Sondre, the younger of the two brothers was born August 8, 1999 and was quick to follow in his brothers footsteps.  His dad expressed that when the boys were very young they would often quarrel about who should have the microphone and sing lead for their living-room performances. Consequently this resulted in the first microphone being broken and dad had to invest in two new microphones to give equal performance time.


Sondre, in contrast to Marcus is very interested in sports and enjoys playing soccer and skating.  Notwithstanding, singing and theater remains his focus and prime interest.


Like Marcus, Sondre also attends Sandefjord Theatre Association and began his acting career at the young age of 6 years old.  At 9 years old he was the youngest ever to capture the Sandefjord talent award. He also was enrolled along with his brother at St. Michael’s Boys Choir which helped him further develop his vocal skills.

Sondre began playing guitar when he was 8 years old and is also learning keyboard.


Sondre has a unique natural singing talent with an incredible lung capacity.  He masters a song using good breathing techniques producing a pure treble sound. He has a great ear for tone and is able to sing in near perfect pitch for both his lead and harmony parts. This year Sondre participated in Youth Culture for the first time and went on to the country finals.  Sondre’s is also natural born dancer, and while he has never had professional lessons, he is often asked that question by those who have witnessed his live performances on stage.


Since Sondre’s participation in the Melodi Grand Prix Junior Final with his brother, they continue to receive great feedback from everyone that works with them both in the studio, and the media.  In fact this year they performed on “Good Morning Norway” and caught the attention of thousands of viewers which I’m sure has helped their fan base to grow exponentially!



I would like to close this article with a quote from their father Tommy who exclaimed:

“What makes it especially enjoyable having two sons who both sing, is that they have an incredible respect and support for each other.  One might think that there would be disagreements between them but this has proven quite the opposite.  In contrast, they share each other’s joy in every accomplishment and success.  This excites us as parents and brings us great joy and pride to support their every effort to fulfill their dreams both together and individually.”


I too am honored to have met this wonderful family and predict that “2 Boys” will be the next big thing to hit the international scene in the very near future.  Be sure to keep coming back to support this Dynamic Duo from Norway!

Also be listening to http://www.radio.theskykid.com for their music from their new CD which will air there very soon along with a special interview article that will be published to the blog site.




For more information about “2 Boys” visit their Official Web Site or MySpace Site.

They also want to invite you to follow them on their Facebook Fan Page. In addition don’t forget to purchase their new CD using the link on this site or one of the links above included in this article.


Here is the audio version of this article that was aired on The Skykid.com Radio program August 1st 2010.
Audio Version of this article with songs from 2Boys!


“Keep singing boys we are supporting you all the way!”


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  1. I like your voice and your music very much 🙂
    And you are very very cool both 🙂
    Thank you so much for all your videos and that cool CD!
    Otto, Norway 

  2. Thank you so much for your comments! It is my privilege to do this for the boys! They are SUPER TALENTED and I can not say enough about them. I know that they will soon be moving on to even bigger and greater things and I am so happy to have been a part of their great adventure!

    Keep reaching for the stars boys, because that’s where young stars belong! Both Marcus and Sondre are truly stars that shine brightly not just in Norway but their music is far reaching to the four corners of the Globe!

  3. Thanks for a great article and interview of our boys Rod. We not only we are very impressed with what you are doing for all these young talents. Have read many great articles on your page about so many fantastic young talented singers. Amazing that you do so much for everyone. Thanks again Rod!

  4. You never know the way 2Boys are going it may not be long before they go on a world tour! I will definitely be in line for the show!

  5. Thank you so much for your help in the translation of my article that is on Skykid’s Site. I so much appreciate your effort to help make this article an even bigger success by having both languages published. I know that the boys appreciate it and I will be sure to let them know about your efforts in the collaboration.

  6. Yeah, I'm very glad I've had the opportunity to see them play live. I also met them after the concerts, and they're not only incredibly talented musicians, but also really nice people with great personalities 🙂

  7. I'm looking forward to the next article about them, and hopefully I'll get a chance to listen to the radio too:)

  8. Nicky,

    Thank you for your comment! It's great to know that 2Boys are acquiring fans from every corner of the globe! With your comment we can add Malaysia to the list of countries that are supporting them in their musical efforts! I really appreciate your friendship and support for all the talented youth here at Rivenmaster's Place!

    God Bless!

  9. wow… you guys awesome… well, i am such a fan… loves to see you guys…
    great job… keep it up…

  10. Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment about the boys! Yes they are incredibly talented! I wish I lived a closer so I could catch them in person myself. It is a pleasure to get to know them through their father's eyes and we will soon be publishing another article with a full interview on http://www.theskykid.com in a couple of weeks. This interview will also be on the radio which is broadcast live each Sunday afternoon on http://www.radio.theskykid.com Be sure to check it out if you have time.
    Thanks again for your visit and I hope you make this a regular place to get updates about “2 Boys” and other amazing youngsters who are making a big splash in the musical ocean of success!

  11. You've written a great article about these two incredibly talented brothers.. I've been lucky enough to see a couple of their concerts this summer, and their performances were truly amazing! I really hope their succes and fan base will continue to increase in the future, they truly deserve it!

  12. Thank you so much for leaving your comment! I truly feel that these boys have the whole package. It is not often that you find two brothers that complement each other as well as they do. Jonas Brothers are a real success here in the States and I feel that “2 Boys” can even be bigger and more popular with the right exposure! You can be sure that I will do everything in my power to help make that happen! They are as you say a joy to listen to. Thanks again for taking the time to comment about the boys!

  13. I remember these two boys appearing at MGP Nordic. I truelly like their style. Their songs are just so joyful and simply load the listeners with positive emotions. Great talents and I am indeed glad to see their progress and the way they walked through… from MGP to their own album being released.

  14. As always I can count on you for a great comment! These boys are truly talented from above! They have such a great sound together and I hope they sing as a Duo for a long time to come. While each is talented in his own way they both have almost perfect pitch and their harmonize so well together. I am very proud to have them here and also share very soon with your site a follow up article with a special interview. Thanks again for your visit and all that you do for the youngsters who are making their way to stardom! Your a great friend and associate!

  15. Up to this moment I have been a fan of the Norwegian cinema as it seems that I am going to become one of the music as well. Norway like Russia stikes me a country that pays a lot of attention to its youth. A friend of mine is a huge fan of MPG JR Contest and as soon as he heard a song of 2 Boys he immediately recognized them and went on and on to describe how talented they are . Soon I had a chance to see that for myself. I can`t decide if I like more their songs in Norwegian or English…I guess in both as they really sound good in both. I have learned a lot more about them thanks to this article. Its great that they were in both choir and theater …one again my theory of the benefit of these venues gets confirmed .

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