Daves Highway Spectacular Spiritual Singing Siblings!

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It’s been a little over two years since we have had the opportunity to feature Daves Highway here on Rivenmaster’s Place!

Their first appearance here was back in November of 2009 along with a very well received article published on The Skykid.com the following January which I entitled “Mississippi Music Magic.  Since that time, this Tremendous Trio has been spreading their musical magic worldwide and have amassed more than Forty One Thousand fans on their Facebook Fan Page alone!  This does not even begin to account for the thousands of fans who do not use Facebook!  They recently shared in a newsletter that their videos published by Godvine.com had been viewed nearly 2 Million times!

DH-AllThisTimeIn addition to this great success they also launched 2 CDs recorded in Nashville, their latest being their first full length CD entitled

All This Time” which has been Featured Here since it first released!

They have also made numerous Television appearances,  performed with famous musicians, and held many concerts across the U.S.

Commonly labeled as sibling internet sensations, Daves Highway is Delaney, Zachary, and Erika Daves from Jackson, MS.  The group has developed an authentic sound that includes a mix of gospel, country, folk and rock music.   And, they’ve enjoyed sharing their story and their lives with all who might listen.

We caught up with Daves Highway earlier this month and asked them about some of their thoughts and plans for the future.  The following is the results of that Q&A:

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Daves Highway! A group to Praise that brings Praise!

Daves Highway
This is the first time that I have featured a singing group and it will be a long time before we find another that will match the talent exhibited by Daves Highway! This sibling group of youngsters, Delaney, Zachary, and Erika Daves blends their voices together as if they were born to, (Well In Fact They Were).  Brother and Sisters together they form Daves Highway which brings some if not the best harmony of any youngsters I have ever heard!
I first learned of this group from my pastors wife who found them on You-Tube and shared the following video with me.

To say the least I was astonished not only with their musical talent but with the spirit in which they sang. Some people sing sweetly and with good harmony but this group does that plus brings you into a spiritual realm that usually can only be felt in a worship service.
While Daves Highway sings wonderful gospel and worship songs they also bring a new twist to some of the old classic rock band tunes like the Eagles. Here is their version of “Seven Bridges Road” which is one of my personal favorites.

Their Dad sent me the following Bio posted below which gives you and even greater insight to just who this wonderful group is.
Enjoy their two videos posted here but don’t forget to visit their You-Tube Site and also their My Space Page. They also have a Brand New  Domain Site which will open soon so bookmark it now in order to check it out once it is up and running!
Be sure when you visit them to let them know you found them here!

Daves Higheway Logo

Daves Highway is Delaney, Zachary, & Erika Daves.
There are many great groups, but Daves Highway is truly a gift that offers the musical blend that can only be created by “blood harmony”.
The sibling trio is self-taught. Most of their learning came from listening to the car stereo.
Daves Highway performs three part harmony selections from all genres of music. They especially enjoy today’s country and the classic rock. Daves Highway is equally fluent in Contemporary Christian and Gospel music.
Even at their young ages, Daves Highway, Delaney, Zachary, & Erika Daves are already veterans to the stage. They have won the hearts of audiences across the South. Their rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner has spanned the globe via internet and a tremendous fan base on facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and daveshighway.com.
Earliest performance memories of the group stem from the numerous, late-night talent shows held in the family game room. Then came the in-home karaoke contests, church and school performances. Entry into the MS State Fair Talent Competition in 2006 proved that the stage was their home.
Daves Highway has appeared on the Live at 9 TV Show in Memphis, TN and on the Daytime! variety show on WFLA TV in Tampa. They have also performed for the NBA Memphis Grizzlies, the AAA Memphis Redbirds, The CHL Mississippi Riverkings and the AA Mississippi Braves sports team.
Daves Highway has a tremendous following across the internet on sites like facebook, Youtube, Myspace and daveshighway.com.
The talent of Daves Highway, along with their versatility and spirit sets them apart as one of the most promising young musical groups in America. You truly must see it to believe it!
Chris Tomlin …recently recognized Daves Highway on his website blog. Here’s a link…

Well there you have it!  Most likely one of my longest but most deserved features that will ever grace my pages.

Congratulations to you Delany, Zachary & Erika on a great job singing together, bringing Glory to God and also entertaining us in so many ways!