Alexandru Releases New Music Video and Studio Single

Alexandru Oh Holy Night
Watch Alexandru's New Music Video

Alexandru is an amazing young man with a great career ahead of him.  I know that you are going to enjoy his first ever full music video.

I got together with his manager Stormbreaker and asked him a few questions about his time spent recently with Alexandru during the making of this video and his work behind the scenes.

The following short interview is the result of that meeting.


 Rivenmaster:   What was it like to have Alexandru and his family visit with you in London?

Alexandru in London
Alexandru in London (Click to Enlarge)

Stormbreaker: Having Alexandru record in London was great; he was a complete professional for someone so young.

Rivenmaster:   Besides your time working in the studio etc what did you do?

Stormbreaker: Alexandru and his family got the full tour of London on their recent visit. That is, as much as can be seen in a day!

Rivenmaster:   You have shared with me several photos.  Some appeared in these recent articles and others will in the future.  Where were they taken?

Stormbreaker: We had some photos taken of Alexandru on the London eye and around various landmarks.

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Meet Alexandru From Norway

This past Wednesday we introduced for the very first time on this site Alexandru from Norway!

While we have already learned much about him and are excited about his new adventure in music, I thought it would be nice to ask him a few questions that would give us a personal inside look at just who Alexandru was and what he hopes to accomplish through his music.

I know you will enjoy this interview and please feel free to leave comments below so Alexandru can reply to you.  I’m sure he will be glad to hear from all his new fans and friends!

Don’t miss the Sneak Peak Video for Alexandru’s Debut Single at the end of this interview.  Click Continue Reading Below!


Rivenmaster:  When did you first take an interest in music and when did you first realize you could sing?

Alexandru:       Hmmmmm…before i could speak i loved music.. i would sing in the shopping mall at age one and a half i was told, and everyone was looking at me and smiling my 4 year old sister does the same he he he …

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