Bryan Sevener Actor, Singer, Showman Extraordinaire!


Being a theatrical musical connoisseur and attempting to see as many musical performances as possible, I am always in search of new unfound talent.  It was during one of those searches that I first came across Bryan Sevener on his You-Tube site.  While the video clip I stumbled upon was over 2 years old at the time, I was taken back with the talent of this boy who was playing the lead in one of my favorite musicals of all time “Oliver!”

Some youngsters are just naturally gifted with unique musical ability from birth and I immediately recognized Bryan Sevener as one of these gifted individuals.  His unpolished but natural ability to sing one of the most notable songs in the production made me an instant fan and I have been watching in silence as he has honed his skills over these past two years. Continue reading “Bryan Sevener Actor, Singer, Showman Extraordinaire!”

“Who’s” Tommy? Sam Verlinden that’s Who!

Tommy Banner

Sam Verlinden Exclusive!
Sam Verlinden has done an outstanding job in this years production of Tommy the Musical.
Directed by James Wenley in conjunction with The University of Auckland’s Stage Two Productions and Theatre of Love, Tommy has been running since September 30th.
What you are about to see, hear and feel can only be described as a perfect performance by young Sam Verlinden as “Tommy”.  Sam seemed to show more intensity in the past few shows, belting out his solo with such demanding forcefulness and convincing exuberance.
Rivenmaster’s Place is honored to present this very special video excerpt of Monday nights performance, followed by an interview with Sam Verlinden and Director James Wenley!
Special Note!  You may want to put on your headphones so you can focus in on Sam’s voice as this video and audio is presented as if you were actually siting in the audience.
Sam celebrating his 12 birthday on set of TommySam not only gained the respect of theatre goers but also won the admiration and respect of the entire cast.  They showed Sam their appreciation by helping him celebrate his birthday with a special time of cake, gifts and refreshments. This was a very special time for Sam and I’m sure he will never forget their kindness.

Sam backstage on "Tommy"

Sam is shown here with his favorite birthday gift from his family a new PSP, which kept him busy during the down times.  He is shown here sitting amongst the costumes taking a break.

Caught ya Sam!