“The Gameboys” Swinging Sibling Sensation

“It comes from their heart”, says their parents. “It`s difficult to explain, but the boys just feel this music. They easily generate not only blues, but also acoustic Gypsy music.”



Kay (left), Sven (Bass), Lars (right)
Kay (left), Sven (Bass), Lars (right)

Finding new unique young artists to feature on Rivenmaster’s Place is always a challenging but enjoyable experience. Today we are privileged to introduce a very special family of sibling brothers coming all the way from southern Europe. 

When you hear the name “Gameboys” you usually think about a hand held electronic game device created by Nintendo in 1989.  But these Gameboys are much more exciting than an electronic game.  While the use of electronic guitars may enhance their sound, these guys are not just playing around. Together they make some real music and bring joy and excitement wherever they go.

The family’s story actually began back in 2008 when they moved to Portugal (Algarve) from the Netherlands. They explained;

“One day we went to the beach in Praia da Rocha (Algarve). The two oldest boys (Lars and Kay) were attending elementary school at the time. Their father Antonio a talented Dutchman guitarist/performer decided to strike up a song. However, their audience of beach-goers seemed to be disinterested in Antonio’s music. Sven was playing on the beach and asked his father “Can I sing a song?”  His father began to play, and as soon as Sven started to sing a large crowd began to assemble. They were mesmerized to hear this little four year old boy belt out a song.”  

Unbelievable! Amazing! Wonderful; exclaimed some of the onlookers as they listened to the duo perform. Can he sing more songs the people began to ask?”   WATCH SVEN SING

This was the beginning of what is now known as “The Gameboys”.  Each day Sven and his father would return to the beach to entertain larger and larger crowds. Soon gigs started to come in for birthday parties and other social events. 

When school dismissed for the day Lars and Kay would join in on the fun. They were only 7 and 8 years old when this video was taken.

Boys Entertain At PartyBoys perform Live at Private Party Algarve Portugal July 2009


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