The Sposato Brothers California’s Amazing Twin Duo

Sposato Brothers


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Twin brothers, Milo and Julian, better known as “The Sposato Brothers”, are more than just vocal performers but true musicians with exceptional talent and a wealth of personality! Both boys play brass instruments; write their own music, complement each other with exceptional vocal harmonies, in addition to creating eye popping music videos.

The Sposato Brothers have been humorously dubbed by some as “Hurricane and Tornado”, and by some others, “Thing 1 and Thing 2”.      

Pay no attention!!!!!!         



Julian SposatoMilo and Julian are the products of an Italian-American composer/songwriter father, and an African-American fashion designer mother. Sometimes artists have trouble making small decisions, and when the twin boys arrived, mother and father could not seem to agree on their names. Father wanted “Ennio” after the great Italian composer Ennio Morricone, and mother wanted Skyler.. a name, for some reason, father reviled. Try as they would the impasse dragged on and on, and a month after the boys’ birth a frustrated hospital attendant finally mailed off the birth certificates. “Male Twin 1st” and “Male Twin 2nd” were officially registered, born October 5th 2000 in the city of Glendale, County of L.A. Although it took approximately 6 months to rectify, their names were eventually changed to Milo Enoch Sposato and Julian Jackson Sposato. The family was delighted!

Milo SposatoWhen the boys turned two years of age, the family decided to move to Malibu, CA, land of sun, fun and surf. Things progressed in a normal way until one day father, Frankie Blue, was composing in his studio and noticed the violin lines he was writing were being sung back beautifully by baby Julian, who was playing with his blocks on the floor. Other abnormal but very musical events followed as the boys continued to grow and entered school. They both sang constantly, day and night, drawing reactions from many. One exuberant teacher even exclaimed,

“I don’t care how much they love to sing! If they don’t stop singing in my class I am expelling them from school forever!!!!”

They were just five years old at the time.

At age four Milo began pestering his father for a tenor saxophone. He had seen the fantastic Larry Klimas playing at a studio session and had found his passion. His father wisely refused his request by pointing out that the sax was physically bigger than Milo.


In My Life VideoJulian and Milo sing “My Life” by: The Beatles

Julian and Milo then began their formal studies of piano at age 6 with a local Malibu teacher, but unfortunately after teaching them for less than 5 months she decided to retire and checked herself into a local sanitarium. We never believed the rumors that there was a connection… but that put the brakes on lessons for a while.                         

For their 9th birthday, Julian got a trumpet and Milo received an alto sax, which was a little more manageable in size. In truth, once they received the instruments, they never put them down. This became a bit of a problem during dinner and especially at bedtime but the bathroom concerts were certainly the worst!

During this same period they began singing with the prestigious Malibu Methodist Church Choir; at 9, the youngest members ever invited to join. Singing in the soprano section and under the tutelage of famed blues singer Melvin Eddy, they have been featured as soloists and on many church recordings.

 Natalie Bruno Mars Video Sposato Brothers sing: Natalie by: Bruno Mars

By age 10 the boys began performing at charity events and local coffeehouses. By 11, they had won several talent shows and received the Malibu Music Festival award for “Most Promising Young Artist”. The fantastic teacher and artist “Electra” began giving them voice lessons and helping them refine their sound. They began writing their own songs and working out their own harmonies and vocal arrangements. The terrific artist LP endorsed them and featured their video on her website. Rockin’ Doc Radio and DJ Doug Wilks recently gave them their first radio interview and had them perform “live” on the air. Life’s been pretty exciting lately!


Physical Education Sposato Bro VideoSposato Brothers perform their original

All this music sandwiched in-between their other great loves… Soccer, Water Polo, Karate (Red/Black-Stripe belts), Surfing and running around with their friends, their trusty yellow lab Daisy, and of course, their family! They attend Malibu Middle School… which they love!

Milo and Julian also really enjoy connecting with their friends and fans on YouTube and Twitter. They love to read all the comments people leave for them… especially the funny ones, and the mean ones! Write them anytime, and you can expect an answer!

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