The Sposato Brothers California’s Amazing Twin Duo

Sposato Brothers


Sposato Brothers1

Twin brothers, Milo and Julian, better known as “The Sposato Brothers”, are more than just vocal performers but true musicians with exceptional talent and a wealth of personality! Both boys play brass instruments; write their own music, complement each other with exceptional vocal harmonies, in addition to creating eye popping music videos.

The Sposato Brothers have been humorously dubbed by some as “Hurricane and Tornado”, and by some others, “Thing 1 and Thing 2”.      

Pay no attention!!!!!!         



Julian SposatoMilo and Julian are the products of an Italian-American composer/songwriter father, and an African-American fashion designer mother. Sometimes artists have trouble making small decisions, and when the twin boys arrived, mother and father could not seem to agree on their names. Father wanted “Ennio” after the great Italian composer Ennio Morricone, and mother wanted Skyler.. a name, for some reason, father reviled. Try as they would the impasse dragged on and on, and a month after the boys’ birth a frustrated hospital attendant finally mailed off the birth certificates. “Male Twin 1st” and “Male Twin 2nd” were officially registered, born October 5th 2000 in the city of Glendale, County of L.A. Although it took approximately 6 months to rectify, their names were eventually changed to Milo Enoch Sposato and Julian Jackson Sposato. The family was delighted!

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The Amazing C-Boyz Starz Las Vegas Sibling Sensation

C-Boyz Starz

Discovering new talent to introduce to this site is always a pleasure but finding sibling singing groups always adds a little extra excitement. Such is the case for today’s featured artists who call themselves C-Boyz Starz!

C-Boys Starz Roadside Antique StoreThe three brothers got into “show” business totally by coincidence. Their mom Tess is a paralegal for a law firm and one of their clients was a talent agent in Las Vegas.   The agent came into the office one day for a meeting and saw pictures of the boys on Tess’ desk.  The agent asked Tess to sign them up with her agency, but thinking that the agent probably says that to all the moms, Tess didn’t do anything.  Months passed and Tess received a call from the agent requesting that she email pictures of the boys to her as soon as possible. The only pictures Tess had were the boys’ soccer pictures on her desk so she emailed them to the agent.   Less than an hour later, Tess received a call that one of the boys was picked for a motion picture movie to be filmed in Vegas. 

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