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” Nic Neufeld is one of the hardest working up and coming recording artists I’ve seen in a long time …. he has definitely been paying his dues!!” – Manny Streetz

Nic Neufeld More Than A Crush

“Nic has what it takes to go to the next level excited to see what the future brings to him!” -  Steve Battey (Jackie Boyz)

“Nic is a very driven Kid knows what he wants and goes for it!”           Los Battey (Jackie Boyz)

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Nic Neufeld

Nic Neufeld was first introduced here on Rivenmaster’s Place on February 8th of this year.  Shortly after his article was published it was read by Joel Greenberg an executive for a new company in Los Angeles who called Nic and extended an exciting invitation to come to California and record a song/jingle for them.  Nic was going to be the face of Twistflix. While his parents were a little apprehensive at first they soon realized that this was a legitimate offer and decided to head down to LA to meet the team of professionals.

It was the first week of March when they arrived at the studio without really knowing what to expect as Nic hadn’t heard the lyrics or music for the commercial yet. The writers and producers of the jingle are Nathaniel Levingston and Christian Lopez, A&R for The Jackie Boyz.

“Knowing this ahead of time was a little nerve-wracking, Nic’s Mother said; but as I watched Nic when he heard the beat and read the lyrics I knew we had made the right decision.”

 The first line into the commercial Nate & Christian kind of stopped and shook their heads, auto tune wasn’t needed and it was then that they asked if they could work with Nic.

During the recording of Nic’s first song, Nic was surprised by a visit from the Jackie Boyz who dropped by the studio to see how things were going. They had not yet heard Nic sing and wanted to hear and meet him. Nic asked if he could sing for them and chose the song “Love Me” which they had written for Justin Bieber, and proceeded to sing it acappella.  After leaving the studio they later phoned Nate saying that they would love to work with Nic and write a song for him.

Nic Neufeld Treasure Video Nic performs “Treasure” by Bruno Mars

Things have progressed fast for Nic since that first week in March. In less than four months Nic has knocked out and recorded eight original songs. The first single to be released is entitled “More Than A Crush” and is scheduled to release on July 27th along with the music video. The Jackie Boyz song has also been recorded and not only did they write it, they will be featured on the record and video as well as Manny Streetz!

On June 8th Nic opened for Travis Porter and Kirko Bangz at an All Ages Concert in Fresno, California. The very next weekend he closed Fresno’s Juneteenth Celebration following Marquis Anthony.

Nic Neufeld MirrorsNic sings “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake

Nic’s summer time excitement continues with Nic doing a Camplified Tour in New York from August 2 to the 10th which is operated by Primary Wave. Artists such as Cody Simpson and Selena Gomez have been on this tour in the past and Nic is honoured to have been accepted to participate.

 Nic Neufeld Stay VideoRihanna & Micky Ecko Cover by “Nic Neufeld” ft Le’Brean

While this rocket ride to success has been exhilarating. All of Nic’s experience that accompanies success and fame has not been a pleasure trip. But then nothing great is ever accomplished without adversity.  The sad thing is that many youngsters, especially boy singers, share in the same needless persecution that often comes their way once their talent is discovered. Nic like many others shared with me that sometime after he began to sing on YouTube, he started experiencing bullying issues in school.   Because of that experience, Nic has co-written a song that has a clear message about acceptance and plans to start using his song for an anti-bullying campaign in the near future. 

In fact Nic will be finishing off his summer on The Teen Nation No Bullying Tour which runs from August 17th to September 9th. He is looking forward to this tour since the bullying issue is something that Nic is very passionate about.

Nic with the boys from LANic Neufeld shown with (left to right) Manny Streetz – Morning Show Host on KIIS.FM (with Ryan Seacrest), Los Battey (Jackie Boyz), Nathaniel Levingston (I Manage Stars – A&R for the Jackie Boyz),Stephen Battey (Jackie Boyz), and Christian Lopez (I Manage Stars A&R for the Jackie Boyz)

Along with the EP, Nate & Christian have done a lot of work developing Nic and made a plan to set into action. Nic works with a choreographer (Chaim Harrell) while he is in LA to get ready for the stage. Chaim has been instrumental in developing Nic’s unique style of dance. They are also working on Nic’s public speaking and overall “Look”. In addition, Nic has also been approached about doing some acting. 

Even in the midst of all this activity surrounding Nic’s developmental plan, recording sessions, and choreography lessons, Nic is still focused on helping others. Just these last couple weeks; Nic sang at a Ronald McDonald House event, Relay for Life, A Flood Relief Concert and also squeezed in a radio interview.

On Saturday July 28th Nic had his Single Release Party for “More Than A Crush”.  His music video for that song was also released that same day!  We have added to this article for your enjoyment!  Best of Success Nic!

NIC NEUFELD MORE THAN A CRUSHWatch Nic’s Debut Original Music Video!


I for one am very proud of Nic Neufeld and all of his accomplishments and exceedingly flattered that his current producers and management team discovered his talent here on Rivenmaster’s Place!

I truly wish Nic the very best of success both now and in the future and am honored to continue to support his music career.  CONGRATULATIONS NIC NEUFELD! 

Keep the music coming Nic!

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