“The Capp Kids” Extraordinarily Creative and Talented Entertainers

CappKids_Natasha_Steven_Raffaela Profile
CappKids Natasha, Steven & Raffaela

One of the most enjoyable parts of running this website is the opportunity to introduce talented sibling groups. Today we are honored to bring to you three truly talented siblings, each with their own unique set of talents.

Their mother Maria shared with me that “The Capp Kids” have been surrounded by music and performance their entire lives.” Their mother is an acting coach and their father writes television and radio commercials for advertising. Their grandmother was a staple in the long island community and regional theatre for over 30 years. Additionally, their aunts and cousins also still currently act and perform in the theatre community back east. For the last 5 years all three of the Capp kids have taken their craft to a professional level auditioning and working in both New York and Los Angeles.

Steven Capp
Steven Capp

The youngest of the siblings, Steven Thomas’ is now a 6th grade middle school student.

Steven was literally born into acting and the world of performing arts. He was a mere 8 months old sitting, listening and watching while his two sisters, Raffaela and Natasha were on stage performing as Royal Princesses in The King & I and his mom Maria who owns an acting studio (Maria Capp Acting Studio), was choreographer of this huge musical production. Steven tagged along to all rehearsals and acting classes of not only the King & I but also to a number of other shows that his sisters and mom were involved with. Steven was able to attend acting classes that his mom taught until his first theatrical debut in the musical “Footloose”, followed by his first television show, “Haunting Evidence” at the age of only 5.

Early on Steven expressed interest in improvisation, comedy and theatre and went on to perform on stage and on camera in local commercials and theatrical productions while living on Long Island NY. When he lived in NYC, his efforts were focused mainly on film. Steven was fortunate to land lead and supporting roles in many NYU and Columbia Graduate films. He auditioned for one director of the MFA program of each school and was then referred to many of the other graduate classmates. This gave him the confidence and ease of working with adults, in front of the camera, and technical crews. Consistently Steven received praise and validation for his wit and mature demeanor while on set. Excited with the opportunities and adventure that lie ahead and nervous about everything being new, Steven’s feelings about the family move to Los Angeles was with trepidation as he was leaving behind the only home he knew on Sayville, LI and in Manhattan and all his friends and family!

However, once in Los Angeles, Steven settled in to 5th grade at Hawthorne Elementary School and assimilated to a warm and welcoming school community. He quickly made friends, became involved with extra-curricular school activities including basketball. Beyond regular kid stuff, Steven also joined the Hooligans Jr. improvisation group, the Standing Tall Comedy Troup. Steven has performed his stand up gig at the Hollywood Improv on Melrose in West Hollywood and at the Engeman Theatre in Santa Monica.

Steven-Capp-StandupEdgemar Stand Up Comedy Clip (Steven Capp)

This was his first experience on stage as a stand-up comedian and Steven is in love with the process: creating the premise, writing the jokes, working with experienced writers like Christian Dewey, Jimmy Brogan (Tonight Show with Jay Leno), Mark Schiff (Jerry Seinfeld), Tony Edwards (Home Improvement).

Steven’s first major television credit was on the set of “How I Met Your Mother” for the last season in the role of Carl’s Son. The character Carl is the New York Bartender at the famed bar MacLaren’s. Full circle moment is that the actor who plays Carl (Joe Nieves) is a New Yorker who once lived one town over from Steven’s hometown on Long Island and the inspiration behind HIMYM’s MacLaren’s, the characters’ favorite bar is actually based on the west 55th and Broadway pub/bar called McGEE’s. Steven lived next door to McGee’s literally next door while residing in Manhattan.

Next up for Steven is his first feature film with many of his Standing Tall comedy Troupe friends and his sisters Raffaela and Natasha who also have roles in feature film The Bandit Hound, by All In All Films.

 Bandit HoundWatch The Bandit Hound – Sizzle Reel

This is an adorable family friendly movie about love, friendship, animal kindness and the good guys getting the bad guys. Lots of laughs with a seasoned cast including: Paul Sorvino, Catherine Bell, Lou Ferigno, Judd Nelson and many more.

Natasha Capp

Natasha Marie is now a full time student in the two year conservatory program at the Art of Acting/Stella Adler Conservatory in Los Angeles where she is studying Acting and a part time student at Santa Monica College studying Business.

Natasha’s first entrance into the world of acting and performing was evident when she auditioned and landed her first role of a Royal Princess in the musical “The King & I” at just 9 years old. She went on to perform in over 40 local theatrical productions throughout the Long Island theatre community and also worked in commercials booking regional spots for Motorola, Sports Authority and a Public Service Announcement for the Town of Islip. Shying away from the big musical productions, Natasha found  her spotlight in non musical productions such as the “Last Christmas Dinner” and “Pullman Car Hiawatha” by Thornton Wilder and classical scenes from William Shakespeare. Natasha studied acting with her mom’s studio and took advantage of every opportunity within her local community including voice, speech and acting lessons.

Natasha just completed her first year at the Art of Acting Conservatory where she performed her first solo ten minute one act as herself and the roles Jackie and Marie in the play Search and Destroy written by Howard Korder. Constantly being told that she has a keen sense for comedy, Natasha joined her brother Steven at the Hollywood Imrpov this past November and February as a member of the Standing Tall Comedy Troupe. She is addicted to stand up and is looking forward to continuing to perform especially now that she is legal and able to attend local comedy clubs open mic nights. Natasha has been compared to a young Fran Drescher….

Natasha Capp SandupNatasha Stand Up performance

Natasha just wrapped her first role in a feature film alongside Joe Flanagan and Catherine Bell, “The Bandit Hound.”

The oldest of the siblings Raffaela Marie, is an avid artist in all forms.

Raffaela has been singing and performing before she was able to walk and talk. Raffaela says,

Raffaela Capp

“I have vivid memories of my family singing! I remember singing and dancing in my pajamas to Whitney Houston’s, Greatest Love of All album with my sister Natasha and have vivid memories of my mother Maria singing Eponine’s songs from Les Miserables as lullabies. My Nona, and Grandmother sang Andrea Bottcieli while cooking Sunday night’s Italian dinner. My father is a huge Beatle fan and I grew up listening to their music and stories my Dad, Steve would share of the Beatles journey to America and their international fame. At family gatherings my cousins, Natasha and I would organize, dress up, and choreograph numbers to our favorite singers: Brittany Spears, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Ricky Martin, and NSYNC. We would then perform an entire concert for family!”

Since the age of five, Raffaela has performed in theatre. She was a little princess in a main-stage production of The King and I, along with her mom and then later reprized her role in another production alongside her sister Natasha while her mom choreographed the production.

She attended private school through ninth grade and graduated from a technical performing arts high school on Long Island. Not into sports although she did play Jr. Varsity tennis. Always shy and felt like she didn’t fit in. Yet, when with peers who work on creative endeavors whether it be a theatrical production, showcase presentation, or concert performance, felt a sense of “normal”. Raffaela has played some amazing characters in theater and favorites are Eponine from Les Miserables, Little Eddie from Grey Gardens, Mimi in RENT and Ariel in Footloose. Raffaela describes performing whether it is being in front of a microphone, audience or camera creates this intimate and safe moment where it’s okay to just be…..


After completing her music EP, Raffaela decided to study acting seriously and worked with the Susan Batson studio in NY and the Ivana Chubbuck Studio in LA for a summer intensive. Spent some time working in at the Berkshire Theatre Festival in their apprenticeship program and graduated from CAP 21 in NYC. Now residing in Los Angeles full time, Raffaela just completed shooting the feature film, The Bandit Hound with her brother Steven and sister Natasha and is in preproduction on a short film project that she is writing and directing.

Upon the completion of her freshman year of liberal and performing arts studies at Sarah Lawrence College, Raffaela decided to take matriculated leave of absence after auditioning and landing an opportunity to work with Grammy Award Winning producers Frank and Christian Berman. She collaborated with the Berman Brothers on her first EP which includes her YouTube music video sensations, So What, and Anger in Me.

So What VideoWatch her amazing music video for her song “So What”

You can also see her music video for her song – “Anger in Me” Here.

In addition to her YT site, Raffaela has her own website where you can find out more about her, see amazing photos and find download links for her music.

Although these three are exceptionally talented and extremely busy young people the entertainment industry, they also are not unlike anyone else in their everyday life. Each with their own list of things they enjoy doing when not on stage or in a film.

Steven Capp On Set Steven is an avid gamer specifically in the world of Mine Craft. He has always enjoyed the newest games and technology using XBOX 360 but has become an avid fan and serious gamer, developer and now moderator of the Mine craft World. Every free chance he has, he is creating, playing and moderating video games with peers from all over the world. Right now he is working toward earning enough money to attend the Fall 2014 Mine Con in London!

His passion for creating and building came from the World of Legos. As a young boy, Steven collected and built many Lego sets. With all his left over pieces, he would create his own people, characters, cars, and towns. Then create a moving picture / film.

Steven has always been involved in sports outside of school. Since moving to Beverly Hills, the one sport that he loves the most is Basketball. Any chance to see a professional game at the Staples Center whether it be the Clippers or Lakers he enjoys being at the pro game. When in New York, he makes it a point to catch a game at Madison Square Garden too. He has played year round for the local basketball league while living in LA and plays at local parks whenever time permits. Up until last spring he played little and minor league baseball too. With his current schedule, he is unable to continue…..

Steven is a member of the Hooligans Jr. improvisational group at the Huckleberry & Friends production company and performs a few times a year doing Improvisation – short and long form at Lisa Picotte’s Acting Studio in Hollywood.

Girls in a new BentleyNatasha on the other hand has always been obsessed with cars, and not just any car — high end automobiles. While other little girls played with Barbie dolls, Natasha preferred ‘Hot Wheels’. And she collected them for a while.

For Natasha’s 16th birthday, the family visited Los Angeles. Natasha’s number one wish for her birthday was to visit O’Gara Coach and Company’s Bentley, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini dealerships located in Beverly Hills. Natasha explains,

“When I moved to Beverly Hills, I filled out an online inquiry for the O’Gara coach company for employment opportunities. Funny story is that I received several follow up phone calls from the Sales manager looking to set up a sales appointment. The sales manager, Aida thought it was hysterical and invited me in to meet her. I shared my passion and love of cars with Aida and while I was too young and inexperienced to obtain a sales position, let alone purchase a car; I was invited in and subsequently hired me as a high school intern through my high school DECA program. I didn’t even have my driving permit, but I had a job that put me in a showroom of beautiful automobiles!”

After graduating from Beverly Hills high school, Natasha was hired as part time Receptionist/Sales Assistant and now spends her time surrounded by the real deal – beautiful automobiles in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Natasha is the youngest to work for the O’Gara coach company and the first intern to work and later be hired by the company!

Raffaela performs "Mimi Out Tonight"
Raffaela performs “Mimi Out Tonight”

Raffaela Marie loves going to the theatre, seeing film, museums both in LA and in NYC depending on which coast she is on. She sees as much theatre as possible and while in Los Angeles recently enjoyed Barry Mannilow’s musical show stopper, Harmony and while in NY recently caught up the NY stage scene with “Rocky”, “The Heathers”, and more.

In her spare time her favorite pass time is catching up on movie classics and favorite TV shows — movies on her MUST SEE list as recommended by one of her former professors at Sarah Lawrence College. And ……..what is going to the movies or theatre without grabbing a bite to eat? Of course Raffaela also is the go to person when it comes to the best and healthiest places to eat in the Berkshires, MA, New York City and Los Angeles area. Her favorites include M Café – Hollywood, Pie Face – Midtown NYC and the Gypsy Joynt Café in Great Barrington, MA.

You won’t find a busier family of young people than the “Capp Kids”. Don’t miss their upcoming film “The Bandit Hound” and be sure to visit each of their websites where you will find all their social media pages as well.