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My songs are inspired through my life experiences! It’s my desire for my music to inspire others to always reach for their dreams in spite of adversity!           Kira Taylor

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Kira Taylor

Today’s multi talented 14 year old singing/songwriter, actress and spokesperson, Kira Taylor comes to us with not only exceptional talent but with a story of overcoming strength, courage, passion and perseverance. I was first introduced to Kira’s talent through hearing her cover of “Ready Set Don’t Go” by Billy Ray and Miley Cirus on her Reverb Nation Site. I was not only captivated with her cover but immediately convinced that she was a young lady that I needed to learn more about.

What I found after a few letter exchanges with her parents was not only an amazing young lady with an exceptional recording voice, but also a person with compassion, courage, strength and endurance….. a true overcomer in every sense of the word.

In fact, her story was so inspiring I wanted to publish it exactly as I received it. I know that you too will be inspired by the positive effect her life has been and continues to be on others as well as enjoy the musical talent she so exuberantly exhibits.



“Our daughter, Kira Taylor, was born on December 6, 1999. She was a tiny little bundle of joy that smiled and giggled every time we spoke to her or walked by her. She has always tried to be in the spotlight but there were definitely some hiccups along the way. When she was 8 months old she had to have a shunt placed because her brain started swelling due to pressure from fluid building up.

We really dodged a bullet because Kira has not had any problems with her shunt so far. When she was 10 months old we got the news that every family dreads. Our daughter was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis on Halloween. There was not really much hope that was given, but honestly Kira does not seem to listen to her doctors that well. She has only been hospitalized a total of three times with her cystic fibrosis, which is a miracle because she has the delta f508 trait which is the most common but also the worst. However, she has had four sinus surgeries from the age of 6 through 10 years old.

Kira Taylor Country Girl

Since Kira was old enough to walk she refused to let her disease get her down. At three Kira started dancing and was dancing competitively at a very young age. She has always kept dancing close to her heart and has moved from Jazz to hip-hop, but the love of her life is singing and acting. When Kira sings she enters another world that only Kira can enter. Kira is an entertainer that thrives on giving the ones around her joy. She focuses all of her energy on the entertainment aspect in order to make sure that her audience is enthralled. Additionally, her ability to write music that shares topics that are dear to her heart sets her apart from a lot of singers that are very talented, but do not really get the song writing aspect of the music industry.

Kira Taylor Country Girl Thing

Kira wrote ‘Country Girl Things’ to celebrate her relationship with a horse rescue called ‘Healing Horses One Child at a Time’.

Her song ‘Friends’ is about a friend who was being bullied because she was different. Kira has always been charitable and has always cared about everyone around her. She was honored by ‘Every Child Makes a Difference’ in 2012 for the Tampa Bay Region age range 5-11 category. Also, she was interviewed by Bay News Nine and was a finalist for an Everyday Hero award as well as being interviewed by ABC Action News Positively Tampa Bay for her charitable work. She has also been interviewed by the Mario Ridgley through the Mario Jr. Alive and Green | VoiceAmerica, and was the second guest on Talk INK at Talk Wad Studios with Susan Buckner (on the phone) from Grease. Another interview happened with Jase, Dwayne Habner from Orlando City Radio, VRadio Nashville, and Pat Stone. Kira was also a paid extra in Dolphin Tale 2 and has become a friend of Mr. David Yates the CEO of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Kira and her sister visit with Winter occasionally and both feel a connection because of Winter’s own special needs.  

Kira Taylor GateIt is amazing how Kira has progressed over the years as a dancer, a singer, an actress and a spokesperson. Kira is a Free2luv youth advocate who has presented an anti-bullying program at a school in Hillsborough County named ‘Stewart Middle Magnet School’. Speaking of school Kira is also a straight A student through Florida Virtual School and is currently finishing up Geometry and Physical Science. She takes acting classes from Ian Stevens who is a celebrity acting coach. Mr. Ian was best friends with Jeff Conaway who passed away in 2011. Mr. Conaway is best known for his role as Kenickie and also for his role in the TV show Taxi. Mr. Ian has been a tireless advocate for Kira who helped her obtain a spot singing in this year’s Tampa, FL Talkie Awards Red Carpet Affair. Kira actually performed her original song ‘Country Girl Things’ with a large star and her name behind her. She always desired to perform with her name in lights and she got her chance on April 4, 2014. She was a smash on stage and off.

Kira GuitarKira has been performing a lot this past year and has been a tireless advocate for Shriner’s Hospital as an ambassador as well as heading up her Cystic Fibrosis team ‘Cure for Kira’. Additionally, she has been an advocate for her sister who has Triple X Syndrome. Her sister has a lot of learning difficulties, but that has not stopped Kira from working with her daily. Again, Kira has always tried to help those around her, and has never tired of being an advocate for her sister. Kira understands that she was dealt a tough hand, but she does not let that get her down.

Kira’s dream is to entertain those around her and to make a difference. She dreams of one day being like Hannah Montana, but she knows how tough it is to actually make that a reality. Christina and Ali made a huge impact on Kira after they got to sing on America’s Got Talent. You see Kira knows that she may not live forever, but she is living her life to the fullest.

Writing this article for my daughter was pretty emotional because I have seen her do her treatments every day since she was old enough to walk. Unless you are around a CF’er you cannot really respect what they go through, but I see my daughter do something that hardly anyone has ever done. I see her live and love through her music because when she is singing there is no CF if even for a minute. There is only time, and time stops. Kira is fixed with her name in the stars for all to see.  With Kira there is always hope.”

 When asking Kira about her song writing she said;

“I like to write songs about things that have happened in my life that inspired or almost made me not want to sing anymore. No matter what it is that inspires you to reach your dreams, don’t stop doing it because of having an illness or disease or something else that gets in the way. You can do anything that your heart desires.”

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Elbert Hubbard coined the phrase, “If Life gives you lemons make lemonade”. Kira Taylor has done that and so much more. She not only has made the lemonade but has sweetened it for everyone that she comes in contact with. Her desire to make life better for others truly shows what she is made of.

Rivenmaster’s Place is honored to have featured her here and happy to support her dreams as she continues on her amazing journey.

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