Sposato Brothers, Amazing Entertainers, Humanitarians, and Performers!

“There’s a feeling that we get from music like no other. When we step on a stage, sing a song, or play our instruments we get a jolt of adrenaline and everything starts to feel right. We love our fans and our bandmates.. playing music, whether to help others in need, or please ourselves is the greatest feeling on earth. We are so grateful that we have the gift of music in our lives!”

Sposato Brothers
Sposato Brothers


Julian Sposato
Julian Sposato


Thirteen year old twins Milo and Julian, aka the Sposato Brothers, have been on a very interesting journey lately. Integrating their music careers with community service has always been at the top of their list. Their performances for the ‘Walk to Defeat ALS’, ‘Kirpatrick House for Youth Offenders’, ‘Thanksgiving,For the Homeless’, ‘Boys and Girls Club of America’, and countless school and church benefits have helped them realize the connection between the music they create and the world they live in. Their ability to reach people through music and bring joy, hope and happiness to others who are in need has been a focal point of their lives and music career. Nothing however, could have prepared them for what happened last November!

Milo Sposato
Milo Sposato



“My dad came to us one day, and told us he had set up a tour.. and was taking us out of school… for TWO MONTHS!”, said Milo. “We had already done a small tour in Europe that summer, so we were kind of surprised”, said Julian. “Plus, leaving school for two months? WOW!” But when they discovered where they were going and what they were about to do, they really hit the floor. “He told us we were going to Nepal and India, and we were going to work with orphanages and schools, teaching, donating money, donating instruments and putting on benefit concerts to raise funds for school supplies and clothing. We were stunned!”, relates Julian.

“It was like going back in time,” Milo said. “They used wooden plows. And they had this caste system where no one is equal. They were really poor, but everybody accepted us into their family.”


Performing to Lumbini Montessorri School in Hyderabad
Performing to Lumbini Montessorri School in Hyderabad

The Sposato Brothers started in Nepal, and traveled through Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai. They played and sang their way through India, eventually landing at a Montessori school in Hyderabad, where they taught music to 3rd and 4th graders for 10 days. The number of teenagers who were working to support their families, rather than going to school, particularly struck Julian.

“The kids our age were just like us, really,” Julian said. “But all the street kids wanted to go to school. One girl said the only thing she wanted for Christmas was a pencil and paper, so she could do her studies.”

Making Donation
The Boys Making A Donation

The boys performed benefit concerts throughout their journey, raising money for the music program at the Lumbini Montessori School in Hyderabad, Maiti Nepal, and the Unatti Foundation for girls in Nepal. The twins (big fans of Stevie Wonder and Led Zeppelin) have been writing music since two-year-old Milo wandered into one of his father’s sessions and started humming the melodies his father had just been working out on his keyboard. Their overseas concerts were hits, despite the different musical heritage.

“Their own music is this real high-pitched sound,” Julian said. “I think some people were confused by us.”

“We played with a sitar player, a tabla player and took Indian vocal lessons!” Milo said. “It was incredible!”

Their journey into ancient Eastern cultures was something they embraced with eyes wide open. In Mumbai, they dealt daily with young children in tattered clothing, begging in the street. They noted the profound dichotomy between the rich, flourishing districts situated five minutes away from the slums.

“It really made me appreciate running water and electricity and clean air,” Milo said. “The pollution is horrible there.”

The Sposato Brothers plan more local concerts to benefit the girls of the Unatti Foundation. They performed a song as a love letter to the Unatti children, titled, “Himalayan Falling Slowly,” which they use as a plea for donations.

Himalayan Falling SlowlyWatch the boys sing with the beautiful Himalayas in the background

Milo has hopes for the children he met on his journey.

“You want to see them make it,” he said. “I think we can help.”

Now that the boys are back home, they have started a band with some great musicians and are playing clubs in Southern California. The House of Blues, Witzend Live, The Malibu Inn, and Genghis Cohen are all on the list of places they have performed at recently.

Joining the Sposato Band is: “Robben Bixler” & “Alex Andrews”

Robben Bixler is 18 years old and was born and raised in Malibu California. He is the son of Bill Bixler, acclaimed music educated and club owner from Fresno and Leslie Bixler, well known songwriter and artist. He has won numerous awards and has arranged, composed and performed with a variety of ensembles in the southern California area. He recently finished an internship with famed composer Hans Zimmer. He is a huge contributor to the writing and artistic direction of The Sposato Brothers Band.

Alex Andrews is 15 years old and comes from Agoura.   He started playing drums at the age of 3 and performing in bands at age 7.   When he was 8 he began studying with drumming legend Gregg Bissonette (currently touring with Ringo Starr).   By age 12 he was performing in nightclubs in the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood. In school he has been accelerated into the upper level Jazz bands and won several awards for his work including outstanding soloist at the Heritage Jazz Festival, and the coveted “Outstanding Performer” (best soloist of all categories) at the Reno Jazz Festival.  Alex enjoys rock, jazz, metal and R &B and is very skilled in these styles of playing as well.

Sposato Brothers Band
Sposato Brothers Band Robben, Julian, Milo & Alex

When asking the boys about their newly formed band they replied;

“We have this great 15 year old drummer named Alex Andrews”, says Julian. “He’s probably the best drummer I have ever seen! He studies with a very famous drummer named Greg Bissonette. He uses a double kick pedal and is an incredible kid as well as a great musician.” “And then we have Robben Bixler.. this amazing 18 year old bass player. He’s also a great writer and arranger. He just did an internship with Hans Zimmer. He’s really talented and one of our best friends”, brags Milo. “Also we have learned so much about songwriting from him. He comes up with great bass parts and melodies and then we add the vocals and lyrics. It’s so much fun to work together. We love our band, and we never ever fight! We just laugh and make music”.

Songwriting, performing, community service and laughing.. lots of laughing.. that’s a look into the lives of Milo and Julian.. aka The Sposato Brothers!

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