Luka – Eleven Year Old Creative Canadian Super Star


Luka PerformsLUKA is an 11 year old Canadian boy with a powerful voice and magnetic personality who has a genuine passion for music and singing.  However, it’s his creativity, coupled with indisputable heart and soul embedded into his music videos, that continues to attract more and more young fans and equally impress many adults.  In fact some have started calling him a YouTube Sensation and even perhaps the next Justin Bieber. 

Unlike some who have been called YouTube Sensations, Luka has earned that title. Luka has accomplished what many have only dreamed of doing.  In less than two and a half years, he has amazingly accumulated over 2 Million views and boasts over 7 Thousand subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

Part of this success was accomplished simply by Luka just being himself.  While some tubers are trying to impress with special effects or finding scenic locations to shoot their videos, Luka’s early videos were initially made by him, sometimes by only using a laptop or iPad camera and mic.  Due to this, he quickly started gaining attention with his unadulterated talent, a distinguishing voice and by singing songs typically beyond his age.

His fans love him for just being natural, and admire his modesty, sweet personality, colorful voice and irresistible charm.

 Luka covers Taylor SwiftLuka sings “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

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Sam Verlinden performing in Auckland’s favored event!

Santa Sam

Coca Cola in the ParkChristmas is right around the corner and so is the annual Christmas in the Park event to be held in Auckland on December 12th.

Sam Verlinden has been rehearsing and getting ready to showcase his marvelous singing talent which is sure to please the large crowd expected to attend.  The event will be televised and recorded so this blogger can cover the post reporting for all of you.
Sam who just turned 12 this past month, is the youngest performer named for this event.  This is quite an honor for Sam, but has not come to him without much work and effort.
Sam continues to impress with his latest performances in the musicals “Oliver” and “Tommy”.  Watching and listening to Sam is pure joy and I know that the same way he has made his country proud at past contests, he will make the producers proud to have chosen him for this event.

Oliver Boys

At the end of the month Sam will continue to be a crowd pleaser as he performs with some of the other boys who were in Oliver.

Oliver Boys
Oliver Boys

“The Oliver Boys”, as they are so aptly named, will be singing songs from the musical throughout the city. This will be a real treat for those who were unable to catch the musical which ran for four weeks in Auckland at the SkyCity theater.
If you missed the Nov. 8th post you will want to go back and read all about these fine young men and watch the video clips of their performance on stage.

I’m not sure what Sam has planned yet for 2010, but if he is half as busy as he was this year we are in for a real exciting ride.  Be sure to visit Sam’s Website and wish him a Merry Christmas.  Girl’s you don’t want to miss his picture there!