Luka – Eleven Year Old Creative Canadian Super Star


Luka PerformsLUKA is an 11 year old Canadian boy with a powerful voice and magnetic personality who has a genuine passion for music and singing.  However, it’s his creativity, coupled with indisputable heart and soul embedded into his music videos, that continues to attract more and more young fans and equally impress many adults.  In fact some have started calling him a YouTube Sensation and even perhaps the next Justin Bieber. 

Unlike some who have been called YouTube Sensations, Luka has earned that title. Luka has accomplished what many have only dreamed of doing.  In less than two and a half years, he has amazingly accumulated over 2 Million views and boasts over 7 Thousand subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

Part of this success was accomplished simply by Luka just being himself.  While some tubers are trying to impress with special effects or finding scenic locations to shoot their videos, Luka’s early videos were initially made by him, sometimes by only using a laptop or iPad camera and mic.  Due to this, he quickly started gaining attention with his unadulterated talent, a distinguishing voice and by singing songs typically beyond his age.

His fans love him for just being natural, and admire his modesty, sweet personality, colorful voice and irresistible charm.

 Luka covers Taylor SwiftLuka sings “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

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Exclusive Interview with John Ververis

This past weekend this site was honored to introduce John Ververis, an amazing new young vocal prodigy from Connecticut.  Though just beginning his venture into this huge entertainment arena, John already demonstrates many of the qualities both in personality and musical skill to become a real star.

John Ververis Introduces Himself  John introduces himself!

In his previous feature article we learned much about John, but recently we were privileged to hold an exclusive interview with him via phone, where we were able to gather more insight about this talented thirteen year old vocalist.

While there is not room to share everything from that call, we have selected many of the questions presented to John during that interview.

Gold bar

Rivenmaster:    John I understand you come from a very musical family.  What can you tell us about the influence they have had in your life and music aspirations?

John:                   My mom is definitely an inspiration of mine because she has traveled with the USO and even sang for President Reagan. I also have my sister who is always so confident and determined to do what will get her ahead in life. It shows me that I can’t just stop, I need to keep moving.

John Ververis StairsRivenmaster:    What is the first time you remember singing or performing and what would be the most memorable event.

John:    Probably some of my most memorable events were in Kindergarten when I sang in my school talent show. I sung “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson, and I can just remember after it the crowd went wild and it was an amazing moment for me. I also performed in my hometowns idol competition and won 2nd place!

Rivenmaster:    Are you interested in acting as well as singing?  Have you performed on stage in any theatrical plays?

John:    Yes. I am very interested in the performing arts! I recently performed in my school musical “The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer” I was chosen as Huck Finn, one of the leads and Tom’s best friend!  I had a great time doing it with great people!  In second and third grade, I remember performing in “Beauty And The Beast” I was chosen as Gerard the grocer, a very humorous character. That was also very enjoyable!

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