Soundcheck updates! “Jordan Jansen & Sam Verlinden”

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Soundcheck has been offering a great venue for young unsigned artists to test their skills on a world of fans that are just waiting for some new talent to latch hold of.  Jordan Jansen is a sure fire winner for the last contest that has been going on longer than I now remember.  He has enjoyed a consistent lead throughout the entire contest and is showing a 45 point lead on his closest competitor Matthew Garrod.
Jordan SunglassesFor some reason unbeknown to anyone, Soundcheck has pushed out the awarding of the prize monies for the last contest.  Their a many who are not real happy about having to wait to hear the results of what to some of us should be so obvious.  I can only say that patience is not a strong virtue of a fan who has been voting for so long and unfair to all who competed in this particular contest. However not to worry!  It’s Soundcheck that is now in their own spotlight to do as they have promised.
Here are the results for the top Five in the last Contest that is awaiting the reward to be announced:

1. Far Away – Jordan Jansen – Vote:3,405
2. Sail Away With Me – Matthew Garrod – Vote:3,360
3. Date with the tub – Cjayelerose – Vote:2,141
5. Freak U – SAMMY G featuring Silvie – Vote:1,856

Jordan has proved his resilience and the fact that he is in this for the long haul, by already capturing a substantial First Place position in the new contest that has already begun.  Vote now for his new entry of  “I’m Yours”


Sam Verlinden

SamVerlinden has also joined in on the fun at Soundcheck with his entry of his popular You-Tube video ” Who’s Loving You” sung Michael Jackson style. I personally feel this was one of Sam’s best performances of that song to date! Sam’s second entry is “Ben” also by Michael Jackson and is another favorite among his many adoring fans!

Sam was very busy with two successful Stage Musical productions this past fall and appearing in the Christmas in the Park event in Auckland.  I am waiting for the availability of original televised event to re-post here.  Auckland TV has not allowed access to their site for outside of Australia viewing.  This should be arriving soon so be watching the blog for this special recap of Sam’s wonderful nationally televised performance!

Special Announcement!

Connor Blackley is going to be featured here within the next week!  Keep your eyes peeled for this outstanding young country artist.  I say artist as his ability to sing songs with a convincing interpretation is will beyond his years of experience!  You do not want to miss this special feature.  “Tell your friends”

Sam Verlinden performing in Auckland’s favored event!

Santa Sam

Coca Cola in the ParkChristmas is right around the corner and so is the annual Christmas in the Park event to be held in Auckland on December 12th.

Sam Verlinden has been rehearsing and getting ready to showcase his marvelous singing talent which is sure to please the large crowd expected to attend.  The event will be televised and recorded so this blogger can cover the post reporting for all of you.
Sam who just turned 12 this past month, is the youngest performer named for this event.  This is quite an honor for Sam, but has not come to him without much work and effort.
Sam continues to impress with his latest performances in the musicals “Oliver” and “Tommy”.  Watching and listening to Sam is pure joy and I know that the same way he has made his country proud at past contests, he will make the producers proud to have chosen him for this event.

Oliver Boys

At the end of the month Sam will continue to be a crowd pleaser as he performs with some of the other boys who were in Oliver.

Oliver Boys
Oliver Boys

“The Oliver Boys”, as they are so aptly named, will be singing songs from the musical throughout the city. This will be a real treat for those who were unable to catch the musical which ran for four weeks in Auckland at the SkyCity theater.
If you missed the Nov. 8th post you will want to go back and read all about these fine young men and watch the video clips of their performance on stage.

I’m not sure what Sam has planned yet for 2010, but if he is half as busy as he was this year we are in for a real exciting ride.  Be sure to visit Sam’s Website and wish him a Merry Christmas.  Girl’s you don’t want to miss his picture there!