Introducing Norway Newcomer “Alexandru”

For many months in a row it seemed that Australia was the breeding ground for amazing new young talent who were quickly rising to stardom and making waves in the music industry.

Many of those youngsters are now signed with record labels and enjoying an exciting career in music.

It’s now the Country of Norway who has put us on notice that they too have exceptionally talented youngsters who are fast becoming household names in their part of the country. This blog alone has already featured three this year.

So who is this Norwegian newcomer who we have been hearing so much about from Stormbreaker Inc.?

                His name is Alexandru!  

Alexandru pslg
Alexandru (Click for Poster Size)

From a small town in Norway comes Alexandru Gros Grindvoll.  

Alexendru is everything you look for in a new young artist. This Eleven year old sports a charming smile, great looking hair, fantastic personality and amazing vocal skills. 

After being spotted by the producer from Stormbreaker Inc. on YouTube, followed up by short audition video of Alexandru singing ”Price Tag”, Alexandru and family flew out to London, England to record two songs and create some promotional videos.

When Stormbreaker shared with me the private showing of his audition tape and a sample of his yet to be produced single, I immediately wanted to know more about this new youngster from Norway.

His mother tells me,

“When I think of Alexandru, I almost always have a lump in the throat. I consider myself so lucky to be the mother of a boy so full of life, energetic, kind, wise, courteous, empathetic and very sensitive that I almost lost during delivery. Alexandru is so many things. He is first and foremost, a good son, loving and caring grandson a kind big brother and so much more.

We are already proud of who he is.”                                          “Mom”

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2Boys, Sam Verlinden, Joshua Flores “Bringing Hope Through Song”

2boys Help themWith all the calamities that have been happening back to back in the world, the true nature of the human heart reveals again how we share each other’s pain and hurts and truly desire to extend a helping hand.

This week’s tribute article features four of our regularly featured artists.  Marcus and Sondre, better known as 2Boys, Sam Verlinden, and Joshua Flores, who were so moved by the devastation around them, that they have produced and recorded songs to bring messages of hope and encouragement!

I asked 2Boys a little about their new song entitled “Help Them” and they gave me the background of what inspired this particular production.

Marcus explained, “Some of our fans on Facebook requested that we create a song about the tsunami and the devastation in Japan. We were in the middle of working on a new single but really wanted to do this.  So putting the current work aside we asked if someone wanted to try sending some lyrics or just a few thoughts about the event.  A girl in our hometown Nina Vabog actually sent us a text that sparked the inspiration needed to write the lyrics for the song.”

Once the lyrics were on paper Marcus fired up their home studio equipment and made a beat in just one evening of work. Three days later the entire project from conception to the final note was completed just in time to perform live at a special concert appearance.  Their dad told me;

“They perhaps would have been safer to perform one of their other songs but this song had become so meaningful to them that they just could not put it aside and desired to sing it to their fans and to the world!”

2Boy’s desire to help make a small difference, if only raising the spirit of others through their song became more important than putting on a picture perfect performance. “Now that’s dedication” Continue reading “2Boys, Sam Verlinden, Joshua Flores “Bringing Hope Through Song””