Christmas and New Year Wishes from Rivenmaster’s Place

Merry Christmas 2013Here we are again at the end of another exciting year! 

This is our fifth Christmas at Rivenmaster’s Place so we wanted to use this time to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and Joyous New Year!  It’s been another amazing year with the introduction of 39 new artists to the site and many exclusive updates from our regular featured guests.

The website literally featured hundreds of new videos over the year, sometimes updated daily with newly released singles.  Once a week special recognition was given to a deserving young artist with the presentation of the coveted Video of the Week Award! 

Radio Personality “Bruce Owens” presented us with new Radio Interviews which were added to the Radio Interview Page, and a very special new website created by Day Six called The Why of Music was recently added to our main menu!

Updates to the website’s included a new menu page and the creation of a New Page featuring links to all the young artists on the site.


This year a number of artists enjoyed big success with the advancement of their careers to include signing with new management or award winning producers.  Others also made big strides by increasing their YouTube presence through the extra publicity and support provided by this site.

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Happy New Year from Rivenmaster (2013)

New Year 2013

A New Year always births new hopes and dreams as it marks the beginning of a new chapter in our life. While we look ahead with anticipation, we also look back at some of the things that made our year memorable and exciting. 

This has been our finest year at Rivenmaster’s Place since the conception of the site more than four years ago.  More records were broken this year than any previous year and we enjoyed a 68% increase of overall yearly views.

While we had many successful articles the following three features shared the honors for the top 3 most read in 2012.

This year twenty new singers, two new sibling singing groups, and two new actors enjoyed their first time articles at Rivenmaster’s Place. (New artists depicted with (*)

The following is an updated list for each and every artist currently featured on Rivenmaster’s Place. We would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every-one of them a very Happy New Year and Best of Success in 2013.

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