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 passing the torch

Rod Johnson aka Rivenmaster
Rod Johnson aka Rivenmaster

It’s been nearly six years that Rod Johnson aka Rivenmaster has been promoting young talent on this website and during this time the site has grown exponentially. Over 130 young artists have graced the pages here some being featured on a variety of occasions and numerous times. 

During this time period Rivenmaster’s Place has reached every habitable continent and provided opportunities for young musical prodigies to be featured for the very first time on a platform extending into the entertainment industry. In addition to helping introduce these talented youngsters to other talent scouts and producers, the site has also been instrumental in recommending some of these musical prodigies for scholarships and helped put them in contact with both television and radio producers. 

Author and owner Rod Johnson, aka Rivenmaster has decided to step down from the ownership of Rivenmaster’s Place and will soon be passing all ownership and managerial rights to Matthew Todd, an exceptionally qualified and dedicated young professional author, teacher, and vocal artist. 

While Rod plans to stay on as an author and will still submit occasional publications, the sole responsibility and all managerial duties will belong to the new owner, Author Matthew Todd. 

“I’m very excited about this”, said Rod Johnson. “Rivenmaster’s Place has needed an infusion of new blood with fresh ideas and the time and energy to take it to the next level. We need a new look with a new platform that can reach all forms of new technology. For the longest time we have needed to change the site so it will work better on Smart Phones and Tablets in addition to still function well on laptops, and desktop computers. Matthew Todd is not only a proven author with the ability to inspire youth in music as a teacher, but already has a team to help him accomplish many of the things that I have been desiring to do with the site for some time. I’m very anxious to see what they have in store for the future of this website.” 

While all the plans are not yet ready to announce, over the next month or so Matthew will begin announcing a name change and start revealing some of his vision for the future of the site. 

You should not be alarmed with any of this as the site is only going to become bigger and better than ever with all of the past articles following the move to its new location on the web. Eventually, the site will have a new layout and possess the potential to reach more readers and subscribers than ever before. 

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About the New Owner/Author 

Matthew Todd Whtbg300
Matthew Todd


Matthew Todd was born in Scotland in 1988 into a large musical family. He has been performing and singing for as long as he can remember, along with his four brothers and two sisters. Music was always an escape and a passion in the Todd family but Matthew knew that, for him, it was going to be even more important.  

Growing up in the remote Highlands of Scotland, it was a real challenge to gain the essential foundation and experience for a career in music. Throughout his school career, Matthew was systematically bullied and discouraged and music became an invaluable solace through this difficult time. However, he persevered with his dream and, after completing his vocal studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Matthew began a varied and exciting musical career as a tenor soloist, choral conductor, composer, community musician, teacher and music therapist. 

Due to his own childhood, Matthew has a deep concern for young people and their struggles and challenges. Drawing from his own experience and extensive voluntary youth work, Matthew has created many pieces of art and literature with a particular emphasis on the power of children to make a difference to the world. These include an historical novel for children – ‘For the King’ – numerous songs, poems and short stories, and a choral drama – ‘Such is the Kingdom’ – which was premiered in Glasgow Cathedral in 2013. More recently, he has been involved in the production and scoring of films through ‘Fellowship Film’, a small film company which he co-manages with two of his brothers and two of his cousins. 

It has been a delight for Matthew to introduce and manage the Gaitway Brothers. After a tragic event in the boys’ lives, Matthew saw their musical and acting potential and began mentoring the twins when they were just 10 years old. Now, the boys have about a dozen music videos (including the award-winning ‘Còmhla Riut-sa’), an album, many single tracks and thousands of fans. Their acting and vocals also feature in a ‘Fellowship Film’ production: ‘The Fable of Forsaken’. 

It is Matthew’s passion to help as many young people as possible achieve their dreams and to encourage them to make a difference to the world.      




More about Matthew Todd
New Owner/Admin of Rivenmaster.com: 

Spencer Kane Rising Artist with a Message Of Hope

spencerkaneSpencer Kane

In what seems like just a short time since his first appearance on Rivenmaster.com, the music and acting career of 16 year old, Spencer Kane, has truly blossomed into a full time lifestyle. Since 2011, Spencer has been pursuing music through recording covers, original songs and posting simple to complex music videos on his YouTube channel. His fan base of a few hundred in his home state of Indiana has now grown to over 50,000 worldwide in over 75 countries.  His music is readily available on all major online download sites like iTunes and Amazon MP3 as well as 30 other e-Stores.  In addition, his first EP was released to retail Christian Stores nationwide in September for physical CD purchase for those who prefer to have an actual product in-hand.

He has performed at over 40 concerts since the summer of 2012 and is booked for two national tours beginning in 2014.  Add a trip to the Dominican Republic with Food for the Hungry, filming two seasons of the award winning TV sitcom, “iShine Knect“, and handling life as a student athlete in his home state of Indiana at a public high school, this kid is one busy young man.

Spencer and RivenmasterRivenmaster and Spencer visit at RemedyLive

Often traveling back and forth from Michigan to Georgia, I pass right by Spencer’s home in Indiana. On one of my recent trips I was able to catch up with Spencer at the RemedyLive studio in Fort Wayne, Indiana during a shooting of an online television broadcasts.  The people at RemedyLive were amazingly kind to me and gave me a tour of their studio. I also had the opportunity to visit first hand with Spencer and his Manager. Spencer, being the gentlemen he is, took time out of his busy schedule to talk with me and answer a few questions regarding his challenging life as a young artist and his work helping teens in crisis.  Spencer exclaimed;


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