Jack Cassidy Launches Acclaimed Debut CD

Jack Cassidy“I just love to sing, I can’t help it! Nothing makes me feel the way I feel when I sing”

I first introduced Jack Cassidy here last April after his articles appeared on Stars2come and Theskykid.com. What captivated me most was the feeling Jack expressed when he sang his cover of the uplifting song The More I Seek You.

His mother Krista told us;

“Even before Jack could talk, he was singing and capturing our attention with his rare talent. “He was 2 years old, singing in key with music. It was tough to pick up the words, but the melody was right on,”.

Jack Cassidy Be Still My Soul CD

Before long, Jack was singing in public. Whether in a leading role in a musical or as a soloist at a church service, his pure and soothing voice began captivating audiences around his hometown of Maple Grove, Minnesota, and beyond.  Jack is now ready to sing for the world and recently launched his debut CD entitled ” Be Still My Soul“.

Be Still My Soul is a collection of inspirational and soulful songs, performed in such a way that it will uplift your soul and capture your heart.

Two-time Emmy winning producer Darren Rust, whose Skyland Studio was the site of much of the recording said;

“In my 20+ years as a producer and engineer, I’ve seen a lot of talented individuals come and go, but rarely do I get to experience true, raw talent from someone as young as Jack Cassidy. Jack has been blessed with a beautiful singing voice that is pure and sweet, and he possesses skill way beyond his years. I believe this young man’s gift is truly special, and needs be shared.”

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Jack Cassidy Twin Cities Soulful Singing Star

Jack CassidyI was first introduced to Jack Cassidy by my good friends and associates from Stars2come.com, and Theskykid.com.

Jack’s interpretation of the song “The More I Seek You” written by Zach Neese not only caught my attention but immediately inspired me catching me up in rapturous praise!  Singing like this not only lifts your spirit, but feeds your soul and this boy had accomplished both through this one video performance.

I have always been moved by worship music!  Not just good gospel, but songs that allow you to feel the anointing which is undoubtedly heaven sent to the original authors.  Jack not only sang this song with expression but you could feel a special anointing that was transmitting through him in this special and moving rendition.

Having my interest peeked even more about this young singer who so eloquently displayed a talent beyond his years, I was impressed to write his parents to find out more about Jack, his talent, aspirations and dreams for the future.

His parents shared with me that from the time Jack was born he was drawn to music.

“Any time we sang to him, he would turn toward our voices and became still and listened. When he was able to sit up, he would sway and bounce to the music playing on a video or the CD player.”

They also added that if the tempo or song changed, Jack would demonstrate perfect rhythm.

In my research over the years I have found that musical prodigies often come from families who have already shown previous musical abilities.  While it is not always the case that their birth parents show signs of musical ability, somewhere down through the gene pool this talent has been handed down.

YesterdayNot only can Jack sing spiritual songs but he really shows his ability to deliver on this classic balled by Paul McCartney “Yesterday”

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