Exclusive Interview with John Ververis

This past weekend this site was honored to introduce John Ververis, an amazing new young vocal prodigy from Connecticut.  Though just beginning his venture into this huge entertainment arena, John already demonstrates many of the qualities both in personality and musical skill to become a real star.

John Ververis Introduces Himself  John introduces himself!

In his previous feature article we learned much about John, but recently we were privileged to hold an exclusive interview with him via phone, where we were able to gather more insight about this talented thirteen year old vocalist.

While there is not room to share everything from that call, we have selected many of the questions presented to John during that interview.

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Rivenmaster:    John I understand you come from a very musical family.  What can you tell us about the influence they have had in your life and music aspirations?

John:                   My mom is definitely an inspiration of mine because she has traveled with the USO and even sang for President Reagan. I also have my sister who is always so confident and determined to do what will get her ahead in life. It shows me that I can’t just stop, I need to keep moving.

John Ververis StairsRivenmaster:    What is the first time you remember singing or performing and what would be the most memorable event.

John:    Probably some of my most memorable events were in Kindergarten when I sang in my school talent show. I sung “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson, and I can just remember after it the crowd went wild and it was an amazing moment for me. I also performed in my hometowns idol competition and won 2nd place!

Rivenmaster:    Are you interested in acting as well as singing?  Have you performed on stage in any theatrical plays?

John:    Yes. I am very interested in the performing arts! I recently performed in my school musical “The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer” I was chosen as Huck Finn, one of the leads and Tom’s best friend!  I had a great time doing it with great people!  In second and third grade, I remember performing in “Beauty And The Beast” I was chosen as Gerard the grocer, a very humorous character. That was also very enjoyable!

Rivenmaster:    What type or genre of music do you feel drawn to the most and what artists do you currently have on your mp3 player or I-Pad?

John:                   I am mainly drawn to music like Adele, Gavin DeGraw, Michael Bublé, Coldplay, Mac Miller, and John Mayer! Mostly songs that have a good beat!

Rivenmaster:    Have you ever received any vocal lessons or are you planning to work with someone in the near future?

John:                   No, I have never received any vocal lessons, but I am definitely thinking about it!  It would offer me an opportunity to learn even better techniques for singing making it more enjoyable for others!

JohnVFixUvid John performs “Fix You” by: Cold Play

Rivenmaster:    What is School like in your home town? Do your friends know you sing and perform in the area and how do they respond to your musical ambition?

John:                  School is great! I have so many supporters that love my singing! Especially my friend Katelynne!  She loves my singing and is always asking me when I will post a new video! My friends always respond in such a positive manner that always encourages me to create a new video or record a new song!

John Ververis at WindowRivenmaster:    If you could perform anywhere in the world and with anyone dead or alive where and with whom would you like to perform?

John:    If I could perform anywhere in the world, I think I would start out with the amazing Radio City in New York! It looks like such a fun and exciting place to perform at, with the crowd always roaring and lights always flashing… It’s great!

The person would probably be Mac Miller! He has awesome and fun songs that I love to listen to all the time! 

Rivenmaster:    Who would you say is your all time favorite artist and what artist has influenced you the most in finding your own singing abilities?

John:                   The artist that has influenced me most is Adele. I know that she gets very nervous before her performances, but she goes on. She does it for her fans, friends and family so they can enjoy her God-given gift.

Rivenmaster:    I know you are just beginning your career, but who would you say is the most famous person you have ever met thus far in your musical adventure.

John:                   The most famous person I have met so far is actress Joanna ‘JoJo’ Levesque.  I met her while auditioning for the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament. After auditioning, she hugged me and told me I was “very cute!” JoJo starred in the movie RV with Robin Williams.

Rivenmaster:    You have recently been going to the Studio working with some outstanding people. Can you tell us a little about that and your experience in the studio?

John:                   My experience has been amazing. The people I work with are so nice. Without them, I might not have made it here!  Those people are Jim Robinson of CSB (Connecticut School of Broadcasting), my sister, Amalia Ververis who has recorded and edited some of my songs and Zach Zubko, who has directed my amazing music video of me singing “Not Over You” by Gavin DeGraw.

Rivenmaster:    Are you thinking about putting together an EP or CD in the future?

John:                   Yes!  It seems so far that every one that has heard my voice has really enjoyed it!  Creating an album or CD would let even more people enjoy it!


Rivenmaster:    What are some of your immediate and long range goals for your music and for your hopeful career?

John:                   Just to be known for what I do best, and to have people enjoy it! It makes me so happy when people say they enjoy my voice. It would be great if I could have this as my career for as long as I can keep it up!

Rivenmaster:    I know you are currently doing cover songs but when you start creating your own music what do you hope to achieve through your music and what message if any would you like to convey to your listeners?

John:                   I want to mostly inspire my listeners, but also make them want to just get up and dance! I want to be able to make inspirational and exciting songs that people will want to play over and over!

Rivenmaster:    Outside of music what do you enjoy doing most?

John:                   I love to hang out with friends, go outside onto my trampoline, take pictures, and play on my Xbox! I love to play tennis and I am thinking about starting snowboarding! 

Rivenmaster:    Is there anything we have missed today that you would like to add?

John:                   No I don’t think so, but I do want to thank you for this opportunity and invite everyone to visit my new website, follow me on Twitter and be watching for my new videos.  I really think you will like what I am working on and getting ready to release on my YouTube Channel too!  Oh I almost forgot I just created a new Fan Page where you can reach me on Facebook.

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John continues to impress with every new release he does. I have no reservations in predicting that John will go very far in his quest to become a recording artist.  The support of his family friends and professional team will play a big part in his success but John’s ability to interpret a song and deliver it is true magic. 

Be sure you subscribe to his YouTube Channel, Join him on Facebook, Follow him on Twitter and visit his new website.

I wish you the very best of success John and stand behind you all the way!