Beamer Wigley Little Man Big Talent

Beamer WigleyI don’t remember how I first came across today’s featured young artist in the making.  It could have been one of his original videos on his YouTube Channel or from another site. However, what I do remember is how impressed I was that someone whose guitar was bigger than he was, could totally amaze me with his stage presence, bold and courageous introductions and performance prowess.

While Canada is known for its colder climate and French influenced providence’s, most people would not think about Country Western Music being a strong part of Canadian culture.  However, if I said the name Shania Twain or The Moffatts , it’s a bit easier to understand how Country Music could find its way into the heart and life of a nine year old boy interestingly named Beamer!

One of the first questions I asked was how Beamer got his name.  His father informed me that Beamer’s birth initials are actually BMW hence (Beamer). What makes this story even better is that Beamers first ride home from the hospital after being born was in his family’s car, which at the time was a BMW.


I found out that little Beamer has always had a love of music.  His Mom and Dad said;

“It was even evident when he was very young, when the most successful way to lull him to sleep was to put on some Santana”.

By the time Beamer was three years old, he started to take an interest in drums and after breaking all his Mom’s wooden spoons, his parents decided that they had better buy him a drum set!

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colinbLife has a funny way of teaching all of us about the things that are most important.  While some feel it’s necessary to have extremely proficient athletic abilities, or highly developed computer skills, or even become an outstanding parliamentary speaker, there are a few who have realized that the most important thing is to just be happy with who you are.  In this life where so many people are unhappy about themselves, (too fat, too thin, too this or that), or dissatisfied with the life cards they have been dealt, along comes Eight Year Old Colin Alexander Brennan to show us that there is no such thing as a perfect life situation only perfect happiness about who you are.

I first came across Colin while writing my feature-ette article entitled “The One Who Got Away”, promoting Justin Bieber’s new movie “Never Say Never”.  I was looking for someone to offer some type of review about his new film, having not yet seen it myself.   Lo and behold, I found a little boy from Canada who had not only seen the film, but was ecstatic to offer up his accolades by singing one of Justin’s songs, “Baby”.  * You can still see that article on the right column of today’s blog!



Colin immediately captivated me with his personality and charm and while I could not put my finger on what it was that drew me to him I immediately knew this was a very special little boy who had a tremendous talent and ability to share with the world.  What I had not realized is that Colin was a high functioning Autistic youngster who did not look at his life situation as a handicap but as a gift! Continue reading “COLIN ALEXANDER BRENNAN MAGICALLY MUSICAL”