Lyric Dubee Extraordinary Musician, Vocalist and Songwriter

Lyric Dubee
Lyric Dubee

This week’s featured artist is fourteen year old, Canadian born, Lyric Dubee.  Like other young talent that has been introduced here I found Lyric on his YouTube channel and was especially fascinated with his originality and sound.

Immediately I recognized that Lyric was another fine example of the quality of the amazing talent that Canada has been producing through this younger generation of musicians and vocalists.

I asked Lyric to do a special self introduction video for this article which he graciously created. I’m proud and excited to finally be able to embed it below for your enjoyment.

Lyric Dubee Up Close and Personal Introduction!

Lyric Dubee began his life as a reflection of a love for music, in the fact that his parents named him Lyric because they loved music.  I’m told; that a wide variety of music was always playing in the house and car from the moment Lyric was born, and before he could walk or talk he was humming recognizable songs.  (Mary Had a Little Lamb for example.)

Lyric at the LakeOn his 3rd birthday Lyric got dressed up like Woody, (he always loved acting) he grabbed a badminton racket and pretended play the guitar to entertain the guests at the party.  Still, his parents had no clue he would eventually want to play music.

When Lyric’s dad was a teenager he was in a garage band and kept the guitar which sat in the basement collecting dust.  At age 9 Lyric asked to see it and asked if he could have it.  His dad said “if you learn to play it, you can have it”.  The lessons began and that was the start of a new obsession.

Within a few months he had landed a spot in the school talent show where he was seen and asked to play at the Barrie New Music Festival.  He has performed in the festival every year since.  In 2010 he was nominated for best song writer and again in 2011 when he won the award with his original song “Hello Beautiful”.

 Lyric Hello Beautiful Music VideoHello Beautiful – “Award Winning Song”

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Beamer Wigley Little Man Big Talent

Beamer WigleyI don’t remember how I first came across today’s featured young artist in the making.  It could have been one of his original videos on his YouTube Channel or from another site. However, what I do remember is how impressed I was that someone whose guitar was bigger than he was, could totally amaze me with his stage presence, bold and courageous introductions and performance prowess.

While Canada is known for its colder climate and French influenced providence’s, most people would not think about Country Western Music being a strong part of Canadian culture.  However, if I said the name Shania Twain or The Moffatts , it’s a bit easier to understand how Country Music could find its way into the heart and life of a nine year old boy interestingly named Beamer!

One of the first questions I asked was how Beamer got his name.  His father informed me that Beamer’s birth initials are actually BMW hence (Beamer). What makes this story even better is that Beamers first ride home from the hospital after being born was in his family’s car, which at the time was a BMW.


I found out that little Beamer has always had a love of music.  His Mom and Dad said;

“It was even evident when he was very young, when the most successful way to lull him to sleep was to put on some Santana”.

By the time Beamer was three years old, he started to take an interest in drums and after breaking all his Mom’s wooden spoons, his parents decided that they had better buy him a drum set!

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