Kira Taylor Couragious, Charming, Country Artist

My songs are inspired through my life experiences! It’s my desire for my music to inspire others to always reach for their dreams in spite of adversity!           Kira Taylor

Kira Taylor Profile
Kira Taylor

Today’s multi talented 14 year old singing/songwriter, actress and spokesperson, Kira Taylor comes to us with not only exceptional talent but with a story of overcoming strength, courage, passion and perseverance. I was first introduced to Kira’s talent through hearing her cover of “Ready Set Don’t Go” by Billy Ray and Miley Cirus on her Reverb Nation Site. I was not only captivated with her cover but immediately convinced that she was a young lady that I needed to learn more about.

What I found after a few letter exchanges with her parents was not only an amazing young lady with an exceptional recording voice, but also a person with compassion, courage, strength and endurance….. a true overcomer in every sense of the word.

In fact, her story was so inspiring I wanted to publish it exactly as I received it. I know that you too will be inspired by the positive effect her life has been and continues to be on others as well as enjoy the musical talent she so exuberantly exhibits.



“Our daughter, Kira Taylor, was born on December 6, 1999. She was a tiny little bundle of joy that smiled and giggled every time we spoke to her or walked by her. She has always tried to be in the spotlight but there were definitely some hiccups along the way. When she was 8 months old she had to have a shunt placed because her brain started swelling due to pressure from fluid building up.

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California’s Singing, Songwriter, Actress J’Rose

Be A Light In The World. “B True 2 U”     J’Rose

JRose Profile


Singer /songwriter, performer J’Rose, is a young musical talent who exhibits a soulful, raspy tone and unique ability to connect with her audience. She possesses an authentic spirit, humble nature, and an infectious personality which makes her unstoppable.  At four years of age, J’Rose would perform for anyone who visited her family’s home, singing Shirley Temple tunes and bowing after every performance with a deep dimpled smile.  By the following year, she was performing in school talent shows and by age 8 she actually wrote her first original called “Heart Song”. This song was dedicated to foster children who were longing to be adopted and have a family of their own.  Her first performance was for a children’s charity event and after singing “Heart Song” to an audience who held up their lit up cell phones; she knew the stage was where she belonged.

 At about 9 years of age, J’Rose noticed kids at school being bullied, especially one little boy and decided to write a song called “Mean Kids” to help empower kids.  She worked with a music producer and the song was made into a music video that has played in schools around LA, New York and even as far away as Japan.


J'Rose Mean Kids Video J’Rose Sings her original “Mean Kids”


J'Rose bw


Only a year later, J’Rose was already busy in a studio recording new songs.  She was asked to sing one of her originals entitled, “From My Heart” at a fund raiser for the victims of Japan after the massive earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011. 

J’Rose also auditioned and became a cast member of a show at CBS Studios that was put on by actress, Dyan Cannon.  The show ran 10 months through 2012 and gave way to opportunities to sing, dance and act. In a competition during the show at CBS, J’Rose won first place for performance/song and first place for acting.

From there she joined in on school tours with Chasing Your Dream Tour and Peace Thru Music Tour. 

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