Dalton Cyr Heads to Nashville to Continue Recording Second Album

“Music is something I can always go to and know it will make me happy. If my music can do that for others then I think I’m doing something right.”        Dalton Cyr

Dalton Cyr 2014Of all the young artists that grace this site on a regular basis, Dalton Cyr is one of the most progressive and fastest growing in popularity and musical skill. It is for that reason we are bringing you more great news regarding this very special young singer, songwriter, and astonishing young performer.

Much like the great songwriters that have inspired him, Dalton Cyr is inseparable from music, spending most of his time studying music and writing for his upcoming second album.

Having released two singles which will appear on this album, Dalton released his third single, “Nothing Could Be Better” on May 1st.  [button_round color=”blue” url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nothing-could-be-better-single/id866872479″] GET IT NOW ON iTUNES ! [/button_round]  A great summer song that seamlessly merges pop hooks with a reggae back-beat, you can’t help but be in a good mood after listening to it. And you can’t help but be excited about what he’ll release next after hearing his first three songs, which all could easily hold their own against some of the best songs written this year.

Watch Dalton perform his new song live on The Morning Show on WJXT Channel 4  in Jacksonville.

Dalton heads back into the recording studio in Nashville at the end of May to record several more songs for this album and is excited to be back in the studio with Bobby Amaru who produced songs from his first album, “I’ll Be There.”

Dalton says,

“It’s been a while since I worked with Bobby and I’ve grown so much as a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist since then. We had magic when we worked together before, I can only imagine what it will be like now. Bobby is a really talented guy and he’s only gotten better too.”

unstoppable coverDalton will have one of his original songs included on Unstoppable, an international album which is bringing together artists from all over the world to help raise money and awareness against bullying. Unstoppable will be out in August.

Amidst songwriting and recording, Dalton is doing a lot of gigging and getting better and better. Two recent appearances had the whole place buzzing about him.

In February, Dalton took the stage at Michelle Clark’s Sunset Sessions, a conference which includes performances from both new musical talent and established acts in front of radio programmers, music supervisors, artists’ managers, and major and independent record labels.


Denny Directo_DaltonCyr_ETOnline
Dalton being interviewed on ET

After his appearance there, his song “You’re Not Alone” began playing on MTV’s “MTV SoundTrack and Dalton also appeared on Entertainment Tonight (ET.)


Dalton with Taylor Guitar


As a result of his appearance at Sunset Sessions, Dalton also began a relationship with Taylor Guitars and is now a Taylor Guitars Artist. Dalton also made a big impression on several artist managers and recently signed with Kepler Entertainment out of L.A.


Dalton was also a strong crowd favorite during his recent appearance at One Spark. A relatively new festival which has been getting tons of press both nationally and internationally and has been compared to SXSW, One Spark showcased some 630 “creator” projects made up of musicians, artists, innovators, scientists and technology from around the world, offering $310,000 in crowd funds to be distributed to creators based on popular vote. People could also make direct donations to their favorite project.


Competing against well-established musical acts, Cyr collected 1000%++ more in direct contributions than any other music performer and despite a large number of tweens and teens in Dalton’s fan base not carrying the proper picture ID required for them to vote, placed second in the popular vote. 


Dalton says,

“It wasn’t like anything I’ve ever done. I performed 21 shows in five days. I gave out pictures, posters, balloons, and stickers, took tons of pictures with people, signed everything and anything people wanted me to and talked to thousands of people. Two nights I had to change into a Tux while driving in a car so I could perform in LaVilla School of the Art’s Showcase concerts. Then I came back to One Spark and did two more performances.”


Live Performance_OneSpark
Live Performance at One Spark

In addition to using the money he earned from One Spark to help with the manufacturing of his second album, he will use some of it for tour support.

Dalton has two tours scheduled for this summer. One is an anti-bully tour which he’ll be headlining in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He’ll do 22 performances in front of thousands of teens between June 9-22nd.

He’ll also do a second tour for the Dream Factory. The Dream Factory, an all-volunteer organization that grants dreams to critically and chronically ill children, named Dalton National Ambassador last fall. He plans to do shows to help the organization raise money and awareness. Among his performances, he’ll do a concert at Fanfest, a National Softball Tournament and a private performance for Golisano Children’s Hospital in Rochester, NY the day after he turns 14.

Dalton hinted there are some other things he’s working on and from what I know about it, I can’t wait to see where this takes him in the next year.

Dalton's Music Video for one of his new singles
Watch Dalton’s Music Video for  his new single “No Matter Where You Are”

white guitar

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