Introducing Norway Newcomer “Alexandru”

For many months in a row it seemed that Australia was the breeding ground for amazing new young talent who were quickly rising to stardom and making waves in the music industry.

Many of those youngsters are now signed with record labels and enjoying an exciting career in music.

It’s now the Country of Norway who has put us on notice that they too have exceptionally talented youngsters who are fast becoming household names in their part of the country. This blog alone has already featured three this year.

So who is this Norwegian newcomer who we have been hearing so much about from Stormbreaker Inc.?

                His name is Alexandru!  

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Alexandru (Click for Poster Size)

From a small town in Norway comes Alexandru Gros Grindvoll.  

Alexendru is everything you look for in a new young artist. This Eleven year old sports a charming smile, great looking hair, fantastic personality and amazing vocal skills. 

After being spotted by the producer from Stormbreaker Inc. on YouTube, followed up by short audition video of Alexandru singing ”Price Tag”, Alexandru and family flew out to London, England to record two songs and create some promotional videos.

When Stormbreaker shared with me the private showing of his audition tape and a sample of his yet to be produced single, I immediately wanted to know more about this new youngster from Norway.

His mother tells me,

“When I think of Alexandru, I almost always have a lump in the throat. I consider myself so lucky to be the mother of a boy so full of life, energetic, kind, wise, courteous, empathetic and very sensitive that I almost lost during delivery. Alexandru is so many things. He is first and foremost, a good son, loving and caring grandson a kind big brother and so much more.

We are already proud of who he is.”                                          “Mom”

Like many boys Alexandru was not sure what he wanted to be when he grew up.  When asked by his parents he first replied that he would like to be King. Then he thought maybe he would become a cook, followed by a doctor. However, recently it has been all about music.

His parents realized very early that Alexandru was musically inclined. His mother recalls that Alexandru left his walker, retrieved some wooden spoons from a kitchen drawer and proceeded to rhythmically beat on his walker in time to the music being played.

“MUSIC MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY AND I JUST WANT TO BE A PART OF IT”                                                                             “Alexandru”

As early as 1 year old he would charm people with his singing while being pushed along by his mother in a shopping cart through the mall.

alexandru blueshirtWhen Alexandru was old enough to start attending Kindergarten it soon became evident that he was really showing exceptional talent. He mesmerized his teacher by memorizing an entire song book that his class was using.
Alexandru also developed an early interest in the piano when he was just two years old having received a mini keyboard.   He would perform “Full Show”, “Baa Baa Little Lamb” to “Josephine and the Chipmunks” (Norwegian children’s songs) and an endless repertoire were enjoyed by his family. Of course this gradually led to more intricate pieces from classics such as Johan Strauss to Edvard Grieg, just to name a few.

Since his first year of school he has been enrolled in a music class where he currently takes both singing lessons and piano lessons. His parents tell me that they are so fortunate to have this type of musical education provided for their children in their community and are also grateful for the talented teachers that are employed there.

Alexandru grnshirt


Because Alexandru enjoys performing he is often asked to sing or play the piano for various local events. He says that “Music makes people happy and he wants to be a part of it.”

Alexandru is the boy who at age three could surprise kindergarten teachers by giving out compliments about the blouse they were wearing!  This says a lot about his warm personality and social skills.  It’s no wonder that he has so many wonderful friends among adults and children alike.

The fact that he was elected as student representative for his class shows that he shows strong character and exhibits great confidence.

In addition to his musical skills Alexandru is also a very good student, telling us that his favorite subjects are English and Gym Class. Of course like most children his age, he likes computers and games.

His hobbies are: BMXing, skateboarding, snowboarding, singing and playing the piano.

He lists his favorites as follows;

  • Movie: ——— “Home Alone”.
  • Books: ———“Horror–” The Barking Ghost”
  • Things to do:–“Jumping on their trampoline doing back-flips.
  • Enjoys: ——– “Magicians”
  • Artists: ———“Eminem, AC/DC, Dragon Force, Johan Strauss, Taio Cruz,      Katy Perry, Adele, Iron Maiden, Bruno Mars, Greenday, Erik & Chris.


In addition to this activity list, Alexandru also enjoys a variety of Winter Sports.  I suppose that’s good thing since he lives in a part of the world where Snow is abundant.

This week Alexandru will be releasing his full version of his new Christmas song and his Music Video, so be watching this site for the Big Debut of his very first single.

Also in addition to today’s article we will publish on Sunday a transcribed personal interview which was recently conducted along with a sneak peak at Alexandru’s Debut Single. You won’t want to miss this Sunday’s Special Feature Article and get ready for the launch of his brand new Christmas Song!


 Alexandru is beginning a great journey and he desires you all come along for what is sure to be an exciting ride!

To learn more about Alexandru visit: 

Alexandru on YouTube

Alexandru on Twitter

Alexandru Facebook Page

“It was a pleasure to have Alexandru come over to work with me in London. He is a very hard working kid and didn’t complain once. Alexandru has a great personality and is a really kind soul. I’m sure people will hear that when he sings”
                                                                                                          Stormbreaker Inc.

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  1. Favorite artists ” ….AC/DC, Iron Maiden …” quite impressive from someone so young.  His cover on  Jesse J – Price tag shows a lot of promise and I am really interested in the songs  that he will be releasing in the future. Trough the years I have followed some artist working with Stormbreaker Music and really liked the songs they put out…without a doubt talent and devotion always give results. 

  2. Hi Rivenmaster ! Thanks, it`s out tomorrow .I hope you will enjoy it.

  3. I’m quite anxious to hear you sing this cover!  You did an amazing job on the sample I heard.  Can’t wait for a full cover of this to be released!  Keep the music coming Alexandru!

  4. Hi Ellen,Thanks :-).I think the guys i am working with is the good ones,but thanks for warning 🙂

  5. Alexandru I’m so glad that this is happening to you! I can hear the difference on your voice after you started taking singing lesson and I see that it really pays off. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the guy who tops the spotify lists in the future? ^^ But… there’s always a but you know… be carefull. There are and there WILL be bad people out there in the music world. I only want you the best so be carefull. I’ve seen a musican work with bad people and in the wrong gang. He ended up badly, so always take professional people’s advice out there in the world, stay you and be strong! 🙂

  6. Hi Jas,
    My first single cover is coming out next week on i-Tunes, I am glad that you liked my voice and the hair too. My first CD will come next year I hope! 🙂

  7. Hi Alexandru, it’s your friend TantrumJas.  Nice hair! Love your voice:) Look forward to your first single:)

  8. Hi,thanks for nice comment 🙂 Mom sings good but i usually say that dad is better 🙂 have a nice day.

  9. Hi and thanks .I will work hard so i can be better and i do it because of i like it 🙂

  10. Hi,thanks to you all 🙂 hope you all feeling allright.2 days ago i was singing in Rennebu Church,the song of Christina aguilera “Hurt” and i think people  liked it :-) 

  11. Super Voice,we think  the talent is coming from yor Mom.She was also playing with the guitar everytime.We wish you a lot of Sucess for the future.
    Greetings from Germany Irina und Guenter

  12. Hi Alexandru! I look forward to your first single, because I know you have a wonderful voice and you are always so kind and nice too 🙂 Good luck Alexandru! 🙂 Your friend Otto  

  13. Alexandru youre cover of Price Tag is amazing!!!  cant wait to buy your first single

  14. Alexandru!!!!!  Your fellow Rennebu friends here in the USA are proud of you!!!  We can’t wait until you make it BIGGGGGG!!!  God bless!!  Erling, Shelly, Carl, Sara and Martha Hansen!!!!

  15. Hi Alexandru, you rock! Keep up the good work, and have fun!
    Jesper, Denmark

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