Real Steel Has Reel Appeal


From the beginning of this film you know it’s going to be one that is not only filled with excitement and great special effects but one that has a back-story that will also touch your heart.

Young Max Kenton played by charming 12 year old Dakota Goyo not only supports his co superstar Hugh Jackman, but at times steals the show.

If you have not yet seen this late Summer Box Office thrill ride, you still have time to view it in its entire large screen splendor at many local theaters.

This Smash-um, Bash-um, Rock-um-Sock-um Sci-fi story is not only well produced, but directed in such a way that it masterfully relates its story of relationships, hurts, joys, and the struggle to hold on to your dreams without losing the most meaningful things in your life.


Dakota Goyo
Dakota Goyo “Click for Poster Size Picture”



Hugh Jackman plays Charlie Kenton, a down on his luck ex-boxer who lost his championship boxing career by being replaced by large futuristic fighting robots.  With his life in the state of turmoil due to the loss of his wife, family, and job, he now scrounges parts to create a robot that can compete in the arena and hopefully bring back his respected status among his peers.  Of course this isn’t working out so well, and to make things worse, his ex-wife passes away leaving him his twelve year old son whom he has no time for.  The very thought of becoming a full time Father is the last thing on his list of things to do.




Watch Young Max dance his robot Atom into the ring!

Of course sometimes the things we don’t think we need in our lives prove out to be exactly what was needed all along. Besides, who can resist the convincing eyes, determination, and zeal of a twelve year old boy who in all respects is searching for the same thing his Father is, acceptance and love.  Not even hard hearted, strong willed, Charlie Kenton can run from the greatest obligation that is right in front of him and soon realizes that his boy has that same self motivation and drive that he once had.

There are special moments in the film where young Goyo really shines, showing every viewer that he has what it takes to continue as a great actor for which I’m sure he is destined for.

Adam the fighting robot with his creators on his way to the big match!

Because this film is still being shown in the theater I will not leave any spoilers here.  It’s not only an enchanting story, filled with fun filled excitement, and nonstop action. But it’s equipped with a meaningful back-story that keeps you cheering for a courageous and determined Boy, who inspires his Dad to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, reassemble them, and live life to its fullest.

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Movie goers often take for granted the work that goes into building authenticity into a full length feature film.  Watch Hugh Jackman learn some real boxing moves  from his instructor “Champion Boxer” Sugar Ray Leonard.

For more information about young Dakota Goyo see:

Don’t miss this Family Action Film it’s well worthy of the big screen viewing!

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  1. You are 100% correct and thank you for pointing that out!  I most definitely heard Adam and thought that was a good name but Atom is even better and I had not picked up on that.   All corrected thanks to you!  I so much appreciate all comments especially the ones that keep things accurate.   Thanks for taking the time to set that straight!

  2. Nice review! and I love the movie!

    but I think the robot’s name is Atom, not Adam…I know, I also heard Adam the first time…But after looking more clearly at the name tag on the robot, and the later news reportings, confirmed its name is ATOM

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