“Harvy” Czech Republic’s Charismatic Charmer

“Music Is My Life”!  “I love to share my musical talent, and when others enjoy my singing it makes me extremely happy.”                                                                                                                         Harvy

“Harvy” Czech Republic’s Newest Young Pop Sensation!

This website is always searching for new artists to showcase and bring to the worlds attention.  Last week when Jezzpi Music released his new young artists music video I was so impressed that I just had to learn more.  I immediately contacted him so we could bring you today‘s unique and enchanting story about this new and charming young talent called Harvy! 

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Harvy (Czech name: Tomáš Harvánek) is a twelve year old boy who lives in Breclav, Czech Republic. Breclav is his birthplace, which is also known as “The City of Folklore and Wine“. Breclav is situated in South Moravia of Czech Republic and near to the boarders of Austria and Slovakia Republic.

Harvy’s mother remembers discovering that Harvy could sing when he was just five years old. In fact, she recalls the first time she ever heard Harvy sing was in the bathroom. Due to this, she enrolled him in a folklore singing school to perfect his singing talent. After two years, Harvy joined several local folklore singing competitions under the title “The Young Singer of the South Moravia Region“. This quickly proved fruitful with Harvy winning first place in all competitions.

In 2012, Harvy joined country level folklore singing competition under the junior category and captured the title “The Third Best Young Folklore Singer in Czech Republic“. In that same year, he won the first “Laureate Prize” during Folklore International Festival Singing Competition. 

Harvy has been able to learn much about Folklore Singing and performing by attending a number of live Folklore Singing events. This has proven to help him with his own live performances which not only showcases his singing ability but also his folklore dancing talent. In fact his dancing is kind of his secret weapon to win over audiences and judges’ hearts.

Harvy Brick WallHarvy also enjoys playing the violin during his free time. He currently is enrolled in violin lessons and desires to become a professional violinist. His hobbies include street dancing, folklore dancing and sports. He especially enjoys playing Floorball (a game similar to American Street Hockey). To improve his athletic ability, he attends a Sport School exclusively for Floorball.

Harvy experienced his first movie at the cinema when he was ten years old. He seems to enjoy action adventure films the most with his favorite movie being Mission Impossible. He told us that pizza was his favorite food and juices his preferred beverage. Harvy especially enjoys hot strawberry juice.

Harvy also likes to read and said his favorite book is Eragon. He enjoys celebrating Birthdays and his favorite holiday is Christmas.  Like most boys his age, opening and sharing presents with his family members is the best part of the holiday.

Justin Bieber is currently Harvy’s favorite pop artist. JB’s music has influenced Harvy to expand his music career path focus to include other genres of music like pop, house and techno.

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“I Think of You Maybe you Think of Me”   Harvy

Harvy was discovered this past summer on YouTube by Jezzpi Music. Jezzpi said that it was Harvy’s folklore singing and stage performance that first caught his attention. Soon afterward Jezzpi decided to work on a pop music project with Harvy and trained Harvy to sing for the first time in the English language.

What About UWatch Harvy’s Music Video “What About U”

After a number of practices, Harvy was ready to record his new song “What About U”.  This was followed up with the creation of his music video which has captured more than 3,000 views in less than a week’s time.

Harvy’s music video is both artistically creative and charming; capturing the innocence of youth and also features one of Harvy’s schoolmates.

During an interview with Harvy, Jezzpi asked him several questions.

Harvy told Jezzpi;

“Music Is My Life”! “I love to share my musical talent, and when others enjoy my singing it makes me extremely happy.”

Harvy is a hardworking boy who strives for success. He hopes to one day be a professional singer as well as an actor. Harvy’s music career continues to blossom with each passing day. You can be sure that this will not be the last time you will see him on this site as well as many other websites around the world. 

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