“Harvy” Czech Republic’s Charismatic Charmer

“Music Is My Life”!  “I love to share my musical talent, and when others enjoy my singing it makes me extremely happy.”                                                                                                                         Harvy

“Harvy” Czech Republic’s Newest Young Pop Sensation!

This website is always searching for new artists to showcase and bring to the worlds attention.  Last week when Jezzpi Music released his new young artists music video I was so impressed that I just had to learn more.  I immediately contacted him so we could bring you today‘s unique and enchanting story about this new and charming young talent called Harvy! 

Harvy lake

Harvy (Czech name: Tomáš Harvánek) is a twelve year old boy who lives in Breclav, Czech Republic. Breclav is his birthplace, which is also known as “The City of Folklore and Wine“. Breclav is situated in South Moravia of Czech Republic and near to the boarders of Austria and Slovakia Republic.

Harvy’s mother remembers discovering that Harvy could sing when he was just five years old. In fact, she recalls the first time she ever heard Harvy sing was in the bathroom. Due to this, she enrolled him in a folklore singing school to perfect his singing talent. After two years, Harvy joined several local folklore singing competitions under the title “The Young Singer of the South Moravia Region“. This quickly proved fruitful with Harvy winning first place in all competitions.

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Beamer Wigley Singer, Songwriter, Exciting Performer

Beamer Wigley
Beamer Wigley

It’s been nearly nine months since Beamer has had an update here at Rivenmaster’s Place!  The reason is not because there hasn’t been anything to report.  In fact, quite the opposite!  This past year has been exceptionally busy for Beamer, and only recently were we able to track him down to find out what he’s been up to.  

This past Christmas Beamer was honored to be the sole performer on the “City of Penticton Float” for the Santa Clause parade, where he entertained the crowds with a selection of Christmas songs that he learned just for the occasion.   He also performed on the Disney Cruise Ship “Wonder” during his Mexican cruise.

In addition, he played a major role in the Sound-stage production of “Whistle Down The Wind”, as “Poor Baby”, complete with a Louisiana southern drawl!  Beamer exclaimed;

“I loved the rehearsals and the performances, and especially the interaction with the other cast members.”

Beamer on StageBeamer on Stage in “Whistle Down the Wind”

In March and for the third year, he entered into the “Our Kids Have Talent” competition in Vernon, which features young artists ages 8-18 and once again, was the youngest contestant to make it to the top 12, having received the 2nd highest mark in auditions!  He performed two songs, “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay and “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars.

Beamer When I Was Your ManBeamer Performing When I Was Your Man

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