Gaitway Brothers Scotland’s Pride and Joy



Peter & Steven Gait "Gaitway Brothers"
Peter & Steven Gait    “Gaitway Brothers”

Discovering and introducing new talent is what Rivenmaster’s Place is all about!  This year has been no exception with more than twenty new artists introduced here for the first time!  This week we are bringing you not just a new, but also a very unique talent.  Not only is their relationship unique but the type of music they share is refreshingly different from the normal pop genre which has become so dominant throughout the music industry and the world.   

Steven and Peter Gait are twelve year old twins who live in Helensburgh, Scotland; their home town is the birthplace of the inventor of the first working television, John Logie Baird. Helensburgh is situated on the scenic Firth of Clyde the famous river on which the Liners Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth were built. The boys, as you can see from the photographs, are not identical twins and also differ in their natures, likes and dislikes, yet they do enjoy singing together. They have a younger sister Amanda, who is their number one fan.

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This past month the boys released [button_round color=”blue” url=””] their debut CD [/button_round] consisting of 9 songs that display the versatility of the Gaitway Brothers.

The music includes Scottish and English traditional songs, atmospheric film-music and several thought-provoking original compositions. The music is united by its ‘folk flavor’ and by its emotive nature which always ends, on a note of hope. Sung from the heart and mixed professionally, this will be one you will want for your collection.

I asked the boys to create a special video where they could introduce you to themselves and tell you a little about their music and their dreams for the future.  I’m delighted to present this video for your enjoyment!

 Gaitway Brothers Intro Video Watch their Exclusive Interview

Steven Gait
Steven Gait

Steven tends to be the more adventurous twin, Liljana his mother tells of how as a small boy he would sing almost constantly and she would generally know his whereabouts by following his voice, only when he stopped singing did she know he was probably misbehaving.

Peter Gait
Peter Gait

Peter is the actor in the family and is capable of holding an audience just with a smile.

Both boys have attended the local Baptist church from their early years, taking part in the annual nativity plays and singing and acting.

Their faith in God and family values is what has strengthened their bond to each other, their family, and the community.  Because of this, there is a special kind of innocence and purity that seems to emanate from their music capturing the hearts of their listeners.

Living as they do beside the sea, as very small boys they went fishing with their dad in his boat, they learned to catch, gut and clean the fish they caught…then cook them on a driftwood fire on the beach…a mouth-watering delicacy.

Gaitway Brothers Seaside
Gaitway Brothers Seaside

The boys are strong swimmers and they enjoy a variety of sports, running, cycling, golf, gymnastics, and roller skating. Sadly three years ago the boys lost their father in a motor cycling accident, in a rather strange but wonderful way this introduced them to a friend, himself a trained singer, who recognized the potential in their voices and has been working with the boys helping them to develop their talent

Liljana, the boys’ mother, met their father Peter while he was working as an Aid Worker in Albania after the war in Kosovo. Liljana became Peter’s interpreter and finally his wife. Each year the boys spend their summer school holidays in Albania visiting their mother’s family and many friends, those of you who follow them on Facebook will notice a strong following from Albania for the boys.

The twins attended the primary school in their home town of Helensburgh and at first they were together in the same classroom. Very soon the teaching staff realized that this was a mistake, not only were the boys not identical twins but they had almost opposing natures. Once separated, they began to advance in learning and in interests; both boys took an active part in the school musicals, and science projects. 

Gaitway Brothers VideoWatch the boys first Music Video

At present the boys attend the local Secondary school and enjoy everything to do with learning. Having active minds they are full of questions about life, creation, the universe….God. They both enjoy watching TV and are particularly interested in documentary programs, history and wild life, and the occasional horror movie.  Both boys enjoy eating at the local Chinese restaurant with their family and are quite adept with chop sticks. They also know the McDonald’s menu by heart.

Peter is a fairly good left hand artist and will often be seen pencil in hand and a thoughtful look on his face. Steven is very much an outdoor action man type; he spends energetic hours at the local skateboard park in hair-raising acrobatic actions.

In addition to their vocal lessons and preparation for their next CD the boy have also been selected to star in an independent film called “Selkie Twins” a Scottish folklore fantasy about two twin brothers whose mother is actually a Silkie Queen.  The boys only have until sunset to battle out who will go with her to become the prince of an amazing underwater kingdom. The story is based on the Biblical story of Jacob and Easu and is actually a story about sibling rivalry.  You can see the pitch for the film here. 

Silkie Twins Film Pitch

Like all twelve year old boys everywhere both boys are interested in computer games challenging and being challenged by their cousins. They also listen to a variety of pop artists, and are strong fans of Olly Murs.

Each year the boys attend a Scripture Union camp during the school Easter vacation and at camp engage with others in a multitude of activities. Additionally the camp provides additional opportunity for them to be cast in Bible based plays, Peter in particular enjoys this activity.

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