“The Gameboys” Swinging Sibling Sensation

“It comes from their heart”, says their parents. “It`s difficult to explain, but the boys just feel this music. They easily generate not only blues, but also acoustic Gypsy music.”



Kay (left), Sven (Bass), Lars (right)
Kay (left), Sven (Bass), Lars (right)

Finding new unique young artists to feature on Rivenmaster’s Place is always a challenging but enjoyable experience. Today we are privileged to introduce a very special family of sibling brothers coming all the way from southern Europe. 

When you hear the name “Gameboys” you usually think about a hand held electronic game device created by Nintendo in 1989.  But these Gameboys are much more exciting than an electronic game.  While the use of electronic guitars may enhance their sound, these guys are not just playing around. Together they make some real music and bring joy and excitement wherever they go.

The family’s story actually began back in 2008 when they moved to Portugal (Algarve) from the Netherlands. They explained;

“One day we went to the beach in Praia da Rocha (Algarve). The two oldest boys (Lars and Kay) were attending elementary school at the time. Their father Antonio a talented Dutchman guitarist/performer decided to strike up a song. However, their audience of beach-goers seemed to be disinterested in Antonio’s music. Sven was playing on the beach and asked his father “Can I sing a song?”  His father began to play, and as soon as Sven started to sing a large crowd began to assemble. They were mesmerized to hear this little four year old boy belt out a song.”  

Unbelievable! Amazing! Wonderful; exclaimed some of the onlookers as they listened to the duo perform. Can he sing more songs the people began to ask?”   WATCH SVEN SING

This was the beginning of what is now known as “The Gameboys”.  Each day Sven and his father would return to the beach to entertain larger and larger crowds. Soon gigs started to come in for birthday parties and other social events. 

When school dismissed for the day Lars and Kay would join in on the fun. They were only 7 and 8 years old when this video was taken.

Boys Entertain At PartyBoys perform Live at Private Party Algarve Portugal July 2009


Sven (10) Leadsinger
Sven Game (10)


Sven was born in the Netherlands. He is 10 years old and currently attends 5th grade of elementary school. He speaks Spanish, Dutch, English, and is learning French. He is the lead-singer of the group and plays Guitar, Bass and Keyboard. Sven loves to make music and perform for other people. He does it naturally without any professional training.

After school he does his homework and practices his music. Every day he practices the Guitar, Bass and his vocals.

When not making music, he goes kayaking or skating with his brothers. He started to sing when he was just four years old and gradually picked up his talent for the other instruments.


Sven Game Lead Singer
Sven Game Lead Singer and Bass


Kay (13)
Kay Game (12)

Kay was also born in the Netherlands. He`s in the 7th grade of the middle school and is 12 years old.

Kay speaks Spanish, Dutch, English and French as well.

He acts as the Lead-guitarist of the group and is exceptionally talented. Kay is absolutely stunning to watch as he plays his guitar. His fingers working faster than your eyes can even focus.

His nickname sums it up nicely… “Fast Fingers Kay”. 

In addition to his lead guitar he also plays Bass, Keyboard and Violin.

Kay began to sing when he was 7 years old and started playing guitar when he was almost 11. He learned the basics chords from his long time musician father and picked up the rest on his own.

Kay is also a natural born talent. When Kay hears a song he can usually play it in about 30 minutes of time adding his own improvisations. He brings much to the group as a whole with his ability to chord, pick, inject riffs or drive home the bass depending on what the song calls for.  

Like his brothers his hobbies include Kayaking and Skating.

Kay Game
Kay Game photo shoot Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Lars (13)
Lars Game (13)


Lars was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). He is currently in 8th grade in middle school and is 13 years old.
Lars speaks Spanish, Dutch and English. He is the Harpist of the group and also plays Guitar and Bass. It’s his harmonica playing that really adds to the Gameboys Blues sound making them a true Blues Band.

Lars was 8 years old when he started singing and 10 when he starting playing the Guitar. As time passed he became interested in the Harmonica and developed a strong desire to learn how to play.  He taught himself how to play and you will see by their videos that he can really play a mean harmonica. Together with his brother Kay they produce some great blues music.

Lars also enjoys Kayaking and skating when not making music with his brothers.

Kay, Lars, and Sven are always together sharing so many of the same interests and hobbies.

Lars 13 Guitar
Lars Game 13 Guitar


Jesse Game
Jesse Game (5)


Jesse was born in (Portimäo) Portugal. He is enrolled in kindergarten and is 4 years old. He speaks Spanish and Dutch and is in the process of learning English. Like his brothers he also exhibits natural talent. This little guy has been making music almost from the time that he was born. He sings, dances, and plays the guitar. He also enjoys being on stage showing no sign of stage fright.

Watch him in action HERE

Music is a big part of Jesse’s everyday life. He enjoys listening to music, singing and dancing.  By visiting the family YouTube Channel you can see all of Jesse’s performances dating from the time he was only 7 months old to today!


Jesse (4) singing
Jesse Game Miniature Entertainer!

The members of The Gameboys are Kay, Lars and Sven. Jesse is not an official member yet but he´s with the group.

Kay, Lars, Sven
Kay, Lars, Sven (The Gameboys)

The Gameboys are more than just vocal performers but true musicians with an exceptional natural talent and a wealth of personality.
Their music comes from deep within them coming together in a most creative fashion.  There biggest dream is to visit the US and see where the Blues got it’s beginning.
They chose the Blues for their music mainly because they enjoy it.  It also seems that their talents have just developed to comprise all the right components to make a great blues sound.

“It comes from their heart”, says their parents. “It`s difficult to explain, but the boys just feel this music. They easily generate not only blues, but also acoustic Gypsy music.”

acoustic gypsy music

Kay (Lead) and Lars (Rhythm) perform Acoustic Gypsy.

Some of their favorite artists are: Django Reinhart, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendricks, Elvis Presley, BB King, The Shadows, The Ventures, and The Beatles

You can see many of their other performances by visiting their YouTube Channel but here are just a few that I would like to point out.

The boy’s latest official video is a remarkable performance of the Hawaii Five O theme song.  You can hear a little of the Ventures in these young guys who are just having fun.

Hawaii Five O Theme Game Boys Video

Kay and Lars perform on the beach “Hawaii Five O”

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To learn more about The Gameboys visit: