From Screenplay To Screen Raffaela Capp’s “Taking A Chance On Love”

Taking a Chance On Love

This past May, Rivenmaster’s Place introduced Raffaela Capp, the oldest of a very special group of talented siblings called “The Capp Kids.” While we endeavor to create articles centered around tweens and teens, we also occasionally like to update you regarding some of the amazing accomplishments of these prodigies even after they enter adulthood.

Since returning to Los Angeles after completing the CAP21 Musical Theatre Professional Practicum and Showcase Program in New York City, Raffaela has been busy auditioning, training and writing! In need of additional material for her acting reel, she looked to her friends and family for collaboration and the result became the fun, comedic romantic short film, Taking a Chance on Love.

Raffaela not only co–wrote the script, creating fun, memorable characters , but also plays the role of Brittany in the movie.

When asked about her inspiration to take on such a huge project she replied,

“My motivation to write came out of a need and desire to perform. While you’re training and in conservatory, you are constantly working on your craft and acting. I didn’t want to get caught up solely in the ‘business’ of show biz. So instead of waiting for my phone to ring with offers, I picked up the phone and set out to create my own performance opportunity. I ended up with a short film that I believe is fun, clean, romantic, and more importantly, a story that not only my peers may relate to but also a story I can sit down and watch with my 12 year old cousin Sarah and brother Steven.”

Raffaela also collaborated with other like-minded emerging actors and her sister Natasha, who plays the role of Shoshana in the film and held a casting call, pulling their fellow actors from the Art of Acting School in Hollywood, the Ivana Chubbuck Studio in West Hollywood and James Franco’s Playhouse West/Studio4 in North Hollywood (where both sisters have studied). The result was an ensemble of seven talented, motivated and equally passionate emerging professionals who were ready to act.

Meet The Cast

Raffaela Capp (Brittany), Natasha Capp (Shoshana), Steven Thomas Capp (Young Boy/Self), Matt Nikitow (Dylan),  Doug Noble (Justin), Alex Karavay (Orlando),  Aaron Bernbach (Giovanni),  Sam Sotoodeh (Roberto), Ashley Stauffer (Jill), David Silavin (Brian), Eric Chandler (Harry)

The combined cast and crew totaled 20 members on set over a three-day shoot and in three locations in Los Angeles including changing the interior of the lobby reception area of the Edgemar Theatre in Santa Monica to a coffee shop. Beautiful set design provided by the talented Jessica Miller.

Behind the Scenes on Set

Raffaela explains,

“Funding a film project even as small as this takes the fiscal support of the community beyond friends and family and beyond the bank account of a recent college graduate waiting tables, especially when you wish the end result to be a solid piece of work. You need to ask for support wherever that help may come from. Hopefully the message resonates with folks, and they are willing to support, donate, and pay it forward, so to speak.”

Raffaela created a Kickstarter Campaign which is a crowd sourcing opportunity to generate the support of like-minded people who wish to fiscally back the creative endeavors of others, whether it is film, music, or an innovative business start-up.

Appeal Video KickstarterWatch Kickstarter Campaign Video

Raffaela described the task of creating this campaign and the work involved in putting together a Kickstarter profile as complicated, timely, and like creating a film project all on its own. It’s a public relations and marketing campaign in itself! To date, Raffaela and her sister are at the half-way mark of the total $7,500 she needs to raise to complete the film. The funds will offset pre-production costs and help finish the film, including editing, sound mixing, and music composition. Raffaela has high expectations and is submitting to the big festivals such as the Santa Barbara Film Festival, Tribeca, Sundance, and Palm Springs, to name a few.   She has already received great feedback on the film so far, and with the financial support raised from this Kickstarter funding campaign she is hoping to create more stories with the same actors and characters.  The Kickstarter is live and its goal needs to be 100% met by September 16th!

Be a part of this creative journey……support and back Taking A Chance on Love written by Raffaela Capp!


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