REBELMANN® Chicago’s Rock‘n Roll‘n Mann-iacs

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REBELMANN® is exactly what the trademarked name implies:  REBEL – MANN. The teen rock band sensation from Chicago consists of siblings Clayton Mann, and his twin brothers, Johnathon and Bryce Mann. Music is obviously what they do.  Schooled in the arts from a very early age; the Mann brothers have combined training on piano, viola, cello, bass guitar, guitar, and drums.  All three brothers played in their school’s orchestra, and remain schooled in music today. It is with this desire to play “real” music, that the Mann brothers chose the name of their band – REBELMANN® . The name “REBEL” because they play “real” music, no computers, no backing tracks, just live music; and “MANN,” well because that is obvious.  In addition to their band name, all 3 brothers helped design their trademarked crossed-guitar logo.  With the clashing lefty and righty guitars, the broken strings represent the brother’s hard-hitting sound of rock ‘n roll.  Johnathon added the ‘electrical sparks’ around the guitars, Clayton the barbed wire, and Bryce the wings as a nod to the history of rock ‘n roll.

(REBELMANN) is: Clayton , Johnathon & Bryce Mann

The Mann’s are serious about music. Their resume validates it: The famed Whisky-a-Go-Go on the Hollywood Sunset Strip, not once, but twice; called back by Whisky management to open for LA Guns New Year’s Eve. That was when Clayton was just 12 years old. Second place – on a coin toss – at the Chicago Hard Rock Battle of the Bands; a 3 AM encore decided that one! (Yes, 3 AM, at just 13 and 16 years old.) Nashville has been played, Dallas too; not to mention the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. Currently, REBELMANN® is a touring artist on the anti-bullying Teen Nation Tour, set to rock NASCAR’s Charlotte Motor Speedway this October. They simply call it, “on the grind.” 

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And then there’s Gene Simmons, the iconic bassist and founder of the megaband, KISS.   Would you ever believe a headline to read like this?

“Gene Simmons Blown Away By 13-Year-Old Guitarist”

Yes, Clayton Mann pulled that one off too!

It’s all good with Mr. Simmons. REBELMANN® attended the Rock Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas where they met the iconic bassist, along with former KISS guitarist, Bruce Kulick, who now mentors the young band of brothers.


  • CLAYTON MANN, 14, Lead Singer and Rhythm Guitarist of REBELMANN®

Clayton MannTalent and luck, seem to go hand-in-hand for Clayton Mann, lead singer and rhythm guitarist of REBELMANN®; the rock band of brothers out of Chicago. Clayton Mann entered the world on September 9, 1999, better known as the lucky number 9/9/99.  Since birth, Clayton has been surrounded by music. His father was born in Las Vegas. His paternal grandmother was an accomplished soprano singer, and his maternal grandparents were wildly into music, dance, and all things Elvis.

With encouragement from his Papaw Doc, Clayton began singing Elvis tunes by the age of 3. Bit by the entertainment bug at a very early age, Clayton would have his older sister upload Elvis songs onto his IPod shuffle. Privately in his bedroom, Clayton would hone his tender entertainment skills by rehearsing the iconic singer’s tune, “Hound Dog.” Then, with his NASCAR IPod pillow neatly placed around his neck, Clayton would appear and entertain his family with his best musical Elvis impersonations.

Clayton has always boasted a powerful, gregarious voice and presence. Just “born loud,” and the youngest of four children to Michael and Julie Mann, his larger-than-life personality has been evident from a very early age. In addition to his complete, in-pitch 4-octave vocal range, Clayton is able to project his vocal talents beyond the stage. Clayton is able to do voice-overs of many cultural dialects in the Americana form. He is also physically entertaining with a quick wit and wild sense of humor. Clayton is famously happy and popular with his peers, as his outlook is always near jovial, matching his verbose and robust personality.

At the age of 10, and barely into 5th grade, Clayton began to exercise his musical prowess upon his parents. Inspired by Gene Simmons, and the rock band KISS, Clayton walked to the library, at his own volition, and checked out the book, “KISS-Behind the Mask.” That same year, he stated in his year book, that he wanted to be a “band and a brand,” and began guitar lessons. The book became extremely censored reading of minimal paragraphs with multiple pages being skipped, but nonetheless, Clayton understood that he wanted to be THE band.

Then there was REBELMANN®.

With an understanding beyond his years, Clayton began studying both music, and his musical icons of the past; including Johnny Cash, B.B. King, and Billy Gibbons. Gene Simmons would remain his musical business influence, as well as setting a performance standard alongside one of his absolute favorites, Elvis Presley. It is with this strong work ethic, that Clayton desires to perform and entertain.

In addition to music, Clayton also frequently studies cooking methods on his IPad, while listening to Johnny Cash on his vinyl record player. Baking and BBQing are two of his favorites. He is also an avid NASCAR fan, die-hard Chicago CUBS fan, KISS fan, as well as novice golfer. Clayton is currently in the 9th grade, and home schooled through the University of Nebraska to meet his touring and recording schedules.

With 10 singles already under his belt, and his musical accomplishments recognized by the industry, Clayton Seth Mann was voted into The Recording Academy at the age of 13.

  • JOHNATHON MANN, 17, Lead Lefty Guitarist of REBELMANN®

Johnathon MannJohnathon Mann, 17, joins the ranks of only 10% of the world’s population – he is left-handed.

Couple that with the number of people who actually play guitar, and it’s easy to see why a left-handed guitar player is so rarely seen.

Johnathon’s left-handedness was evident since his days in the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Chicago Hospitals. Born almost 8 weeks premature along with his twin brother, Bryce, (REBELMANN’s pounding drummer), Johnathon weighed in at a mere 3 pounds and was not expected to live more than 72 hours. In extreme critical condition, Johnathon received his last rights and was blessed to die …….

Fast forward 10 years, and Johnathon began to yearn for more music in his life. Since birth, Mozart had been played for Johnathon every night before bed. His mother believed that, somehow, classical music might help her preemie twins develop, who were born so early and so critically ill. Diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder from a very early age, language did not come easily for Johnathon, as he does not hear the differences in the five vowel sounds. However, he does hear pure music tones. Rhythmically inclined, Johnathon started playing the drums as well as viola in his school’s orchestra. His musical prowess soon progressed to the guitar.

Johnathon performed his first guitar recital in the 5th grade to the Beatles, “Let It Be.” He became a quick study of guitar, and progressed rapidly as a student. Driven by his idol, Jimi Hendrix, the most famous of lefty guitar players, it was the complexity of the musical compositions; specifically guitar soloing that led him to the genre of rock ‘n roll. As an artist who can both read music, as well as feel it, Johnathon’s technique progressed to lightning fast as well as precise fingering across the strings.

As the main musical riff writer for REBELMANN®, Johnathon already has 10 singles under his belt. Having attended Rock Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas, Johnathon caught the eye of guitar legend, Bruce Kulick of KISS fame and Grand Funk Railroad, who now mentors the young band of brothers.

In addition to guitar, Johnathon enjoys graphic arts, history, current events, and golfing with his family.

  • BRYCE MANN, 17, REBELMANN® Drummer

Bryce MannBryce Mann, 17, is REBELMANN’s pounding drummer. He is just one minute older than his fraternal twin, Johnathon. Also born in critical condition at almost 8 weeks premature, Bryce weighed in at a hefty 4 pounds. Compared to Johnathon’s 3 pound birth weight, Bryce’s 25% increase in body mass appeared daunting.

Bryce and Johnathon remained inseparable for many years. Both boys were educated in the same class room through grammar school, and activities were always performed together. Sports were a favorite, including baseball and football, but especially hockey. On the ice, Bryce scored his first hat-trick at 8-years-old.

Bryce began taking piano lessons in the 4th grade with his siblings. He was also a member of the Hadley String Orchestra, playing the cello. It was when Johnathon starting taking drum lessons, that Bryce eventually wanted to tag along.   As Johnathon began to progress more on guitar, Bryce began to progress more on the drums, and they found themselves playing together. It was during Johnathon’s first guitar recital that a drummer and lead vocalist were needed. Bryce and Clayton stepped up to the plate, and the 3 of them were grouped as a “band,” playing together for the first time in front of a crowd. That was in 2010.

Today, Bryce remains under the tutelage of his original drum instructor, as he has for the past 5 years. He continues to study drumming technique, paradiddles, dynamics, and intonations. Recognized for his drumming precision and style, Bryce was recently endorsed by Scorpion Stix Percussion, a maker of drum sticks out of Chicago. He currently plays the 5B Immortal Series, and has now acquired his own line with his name imprinted into every stick; a fan merchandising favorite.

Bryce is also an accomplished drummer professionally in the studio. When laying REBELMANN® originals, Bryce is able to hold tempo for entire performances, and can lay a track in just 2 takes, the first being the scratch track.   More impressively, on REBELMANN® original, “INDIAN LAND,” the entire 6 minute song is freestyled, as Bryce walks the tempo from 86 bpm to 106 bpm as the song progresses; thus setting the tone for his brothers on guitar and vocals. The new single, currently being mixed in Los Angeles, is set to be released later this year.

Bryce is currently home schooled through the University of Missouri–Columbia with his twin, Johnathon. He is a fishing aficionado, with bass fishing being his favorite. All 3 boys take frequent trips to the Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World, especially at Clayton’s insistence. Real Tree is their favorite brand there, along with the homemade fudge. Bryce also enjoys target shooting, and is an avid supporter of the US military. He holds a part-time job at the local sandwich shop – assembling sandwiches and bringing home a few to his brothers when he can. Lastly, as twins, Bryce and Johnathon pine for complimentary 4 x 4 diesel trucks with chrome smoke stacks and lift kits!

Rebelmann with Orchestra REBELMANN plays “Sweet Child Of Mine” w/ Hadley String Orchestra

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With 10 singles already under their belt, REBELMANN® writes, produces, plays, and performs their own music, both live and in studio. Because of their musical accomplishments, the young band of brothers has already been recognized by the industry.  In August of 2013, Clayton, Johnathon, and Bryce Mann were voted into The Recording Academy, aka The Grammys, at the young ages of  just 13 and 16 years old respectively. 

Be on the lookout for REBELMANN® to shepherd in the next generation of rock ‘n roll!