Anthony G-Force Gargiula at NASCAR SYLVANIA 300

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Anthony Gargiula opened the NASCAR Sylvania 300 Sprint Cup Race last Sunday September 19th, singing the National Anthem in great style.  As fighter jets flew overhead he was cheered on by thousands as he hit his amazing high note with vigor.

Many of us have seen this amazing eleven year old from New York perform for other main events but this one had to be one of the most exciting of all.

As thousands filled the stands and millions were watching all over the world via television, Anthony kept his nerves in check like a pro.  With drivers standing by their cars with their families, Anthony’s family were in the wings supporting him as he belted out the song that brings unity and excitement to any US crowd.

Anthony and his brother at Sprint Cup Race 2010Anthony shared a great day with his family at the speedway, but that is not the only thing that is speeding up in Anthony’s life.  This week has been a whirlwind for him with the highlight being the release of his new CD Finally Done!

Unlike the New Hampshire Motor Speedway with only one track, Anthony’s CD has ten!  I purchased my copy last week and I have to say that every track is a winner.  My favorites are the title track, “Finally Done” and “Across The Sky”, but “Game Over” gets you dancing and “Spinning” is really unique, upbeat, and catchy!  The final track on the CD is entitled “Amazing” but then, every song on the CD is amazing!  If you haven’t purchased your copy yet use the album link below or on the main page, because Finally Done is “Finally Done” and is waiting to be enjoyed on your personal I-Pod!


  • Game Over
  • Wanna Be
  • Invincible
  • Across The Sky
  • Spinning
  • Just Move
  • Love Is A Miracle
  • Finally Done
  • Background Tracks
  • Amazing

Anthony will son be announcing other exciting things that are upcoming soon. Be sure to subscribed and bookmarked this site and visit Anthony on his Facebook and Domain Site to keep abreast on all the happenings.

nascarlogoLast Sunday when I heard the familiar phrase uttered “Gentlemen Start Your Engines”, I could not help think of a young boy who has started his engine of success and is speeding down the entertainment highway!  While he might still be wearing tennis shoes you may need a race car to keep up to where Anthony G is heading!  Right straight to the finish line because this boy is not Finally Done he is only getting started!

4 thoughts on “Anthony G-Force Gargiula at NASCAR SYLVANIA 300”

  1. Anthony is going to do great….there is nothing much bigger than NASCAR he will be seen by millions…this should give him a big boost….He deserves it very talented

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that Anthony will be a huge force in fact I think I may be the first one to proclaim him as the G-Force! lol 🙂 Gargiula Force that is!

  3. Man, what pipes Anthony G has. Wonderful rendition of our National Anthem at the NASCAR Sylvania 300 Sprint Cup Race! This kid will go far in the entertainment business.

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