Jersey’s JP Working on Debut CD

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John P. Geraghty, better known as JP Official Music was first introduced here back on April 2nd when he recorded his new original single “Only Girl”.  JP now 16 years old, is a prolific singer with a great personality and has captured the listening ear of thousands of You-Tubers and an ever growing number of followers on Twitter. His popularity is growing with every new single he records and is fast collecting a culmination of original songs for his EP.  He told me that he has really been enjoying his time working with some amazing new writers and producers, who have worked with top artists like Jason Mraz, OneRepublic, Sara Bareilles and more. They are helping him develop as an artist and as a singer.He stated, “I cannot wait until the world can hear what I have been working on.” He told me that he is aiming for the EP to be out before the end of 2010, but in the meantime you can hear some studio previews and live performances of his songs on his You-Tube Channel”.  JP’s previews of “Only Girl” and “That’s the Stuff” having been receiving rave reviews from the media and his ever growing fan base is anxiously awaiting his full versions to be ready for purchase.  You can rest assured that I will have the full versions as soon as he releases them to me, and you will be able to hear them on The Radio!

JP in studeoJP recently debut his song “Only Girl” at the 2010 National High School Teen Idol competition in New Jersey on June 27, 2010. He was given the opportunity to meet with top manager, Eugene Foley, (Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews), American Idol Finalist John Zisa and many other amazing people from the music industry. He told me “It was an honor passing on my title of 2009 NHS Teen Idol to the next talented teen for the year. I had a wonderful time, and you can look forward to a live performance video in the near future.”

Over the next few months prior to his debut album release, you can look forward to numerous covers of “iTunes Top 10 Hits” on his YouTube Channel, as well as some sneak-peak previews of his songs and live performances! Here is JP’s very latest video release debuting his new song

“That’s the Stuff”.

JP just concluded a radio interview this past week, on CBS Radio’s Partner Radio Artist First. It was an entire segment dedicated to him and his music. JP is also looking forward to planning some live concerts for the fall and upcoming year. It would behoove you to join his Official Facebook Page so that you can stay up to date with all the details that will be shared there.

You can be sure that JP will be continuing to enter a few singing & songwriting competitions this coming year, and will be calling on his fans to help in the voting process Keep watching this blog for all future updates to JP’s adventures as he makes his way to the top in the recording industry.

This is one young talented musician who has no moss growing under his feet so buckle up and hang on because 2011 will be an even bigger and better year for John P. Geraghty.

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  1. Thanks for the comment Mike. You are a very supportive friend and have been a strong promoter of talented youth since I have known you. You do so very much for them with all the voting at the various sites that these great kids offer up their talent to. I know that JP appreciates every fan and rest assured that he values your friendship as well!

  2. Thanks for the comment about JP! Yes he is a great young friend and I know that he can accomplish whatever he dreams. He has a very outgoing personality which makes him a joy to know! Thanks for your continued support to Rivenmaster’s Place and for the great friendship what we share beyond the blogs.

  3. Its always a pleasure to learn that big names in the show business and experienced musicians and producers are paying attention to young talents. I love the attitude of JP – he looks very outgoing and the most important thing – he is having fun ! Good luck JP !

  4. JP is an amazing singer and I’m really looking forward to his album. What I’ve heard from him so far is fantastic.

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