Anthony Gargiula New York’s Rising Son

Anthony GSince first discovering the exceptional vocal talent of Anthony Gargiula of New York, I have been following his career with great interest.

I first saw him singing the National Anthem at the Belmont Stakes in 2008, where he captured the heart of America with his amazing performance!

He debuted on this site in July of 2010 and I authored an article on, just a few months later. That feature article included a personal interview which was also aired on Radio. You can still hear that interview using this archived page on Skykid’s site!

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Of course Anthony has since been featured in a couple of updates which covered his performance for the Nascar Sylvania 300 and his last update where I mentioned the release of his Amazing Debut CD “Finally Done”.



Anthony has amassed literally millions of fans which got a boost from his appearance on Ellen DeGeneres and his interviewing of the 2008 American Idol Contestants when he was only eight years old.

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Anthony Gargiula Galloping to Greatness!

Anthony Gargiula
Anthony Gargiula


When I first saw Anthony Gargiula I was amazed at his prowess in performing  and his unprecedented talent for not only entertaining but lighting up the entire stage with his character and charm.

He galloped onto the stage of Ellen Degeneres and into America’s heart and of course we followed him to the American Idol show where he interviewed the idol contestants for that year which included David Archuleta and David Cook.  Anthony continued to shine at many places after that doing shows and singing the National Anthem at ball parks and his most recent appearance at the Nascar Sylvania 300.

I was honored to meet Anthony face to face on Skype this past year and I have to tell you that this young man is not only charming and personable, but way ahead of his years in communicating his thoughts and conducting himself like a professional who had been doing this all his life. Continue reading “Anthony Gargiula Galloping to Greatness!”