Bryan Sevener Actor, Singer, Showman Extraordinaire!


Being a theatrical musical connoisseur and attempting to see as many musical performances as possible, I am always in search of new unfound talent.  It was during one of those searches that I first came across Bryan Sevener on his You-Tube site.  While the video clip I stumbled upon was over 2 years old at the time, I was taken back with the talent of this boy who was playing the lead in one of my favorite musicals of all time “Oliver!”

Some youngsters are just naturally gifted with unique musical ability from birth and I immediately recognized Bryan Sevener as one of these gifted individuals.  His unpolished but natural ability to sing one of the most notable songs in the production made me an instant fan and I have been watching in silence as he has honed his skills over these past two years.

Bryan Sevener, now 14 and a High School freshman, can be described as a fun loving comedic and multitalented young man who has been performing since the age of 5.  Bryan’s Domain Site boasts a very impressive resume of past performances in musical theatre productions. At the age of just 10 he was awarded the lead role of Tommy in “The Who’s Tommy” on the professional stage of Village Theatre in Issaquah, Washington, directed by Tony award winning director, “Brian Yorkey”.  He has also been cast in many commercials and Independent Films as well as Print Work and Voice Overs.  Bryan continues to improve his vocal and acting skills participating in voice lessons, acting classes and private coaching.

BryanRecordingStudioIn addition to his acting abilities, Bryan demonstrates a tremendous ear for music. After teaching himself to play the piano and ukulele, he now can be found constantly with ukulele in hand strumming and singing songs which he has already accomplished, while working on new ones not yet mastered.

Bryan recently collaborated in a CD recording and performed live at a Gala Fund raising Event for Northwest Children’s Fund along with two of his good friends Katie and Madison.  He enjoyed recording in a professional studio as well as the thrill of performing in front of a large audience.

Currently, Bryan is rehearsing for the musical “Children of Eden”, where he will be playing Cain, Ham and the voice of the Snake.  He also just attended Callbacks for the musical “13” which he hopes to be a part of.


Bryan has two older brothers and a younger sister.  His family has a pet Boxer named Bosco and two mini schnauzers, Benny and Jet. In addition to his singing and acting, Bryan is an active member of the Civil Air Patrol.  He is promoting through the ranks and giving back to his community and the less fortunate.  Bryan has a great interest in Aeronautical Engineering and Space and hopes to be an Aerospace Engineer working for NASA….singing and acting all the way.

While we are anticipating some new songs from Bryan, I must share one more cover he did from one of my favorite artists Billy Gilman. “There’s a Hero”

To find out more about Bryan visit his Doman Site and subscribe to his You-Tube Site!


I wish you the very best of success Bryan and will be keeping a close eye on your musical acting career.  You have an outstanding talent and continue to amaze with every new performance!  Keep shooting for the stars because there is one with your name on it that is just waiting to shine from Broadway!

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  1. Well, maybe you’re better off sticking with the imaginary version, because by all accounts the Oxbridge colleges are just as riven by infighting and …

  2. Thanks Skykid for your comment! I know that Bryan has tried to reply as his first response to your comment did not go through! Be watching for that soon! I appreciate your reading of my articles and for every comment you leave!

  3. I liked Bryan`s cover of Imagine , sounded both familiar and different unique . And wow he truly multitalanted – being a singer , actor and musicians . By the way what exactly is the Civil Air Patrol ? Sometimes when reading your articles I am a bit jealous to the the people living in the US for the chance to attend so many musicals and performances . Like the ones in which Bryan`s participates – its my observations that with few exceptions like in countries like France , Russia and UK the performances of young singers and actors do not receive an adequate attention in Europe.

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