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It’s hard to believe that Thomas has not graced our site since last March, but it’s not because we haven’t tried.  Thomas was extremely busy this past summer and we only caught up to him this past week.  This update article should prove to be the biggest and best we have ever had for Thomas including 4 brand new recordings and an exclusive video which can only be seen here. So please be sure to share this article using the tools at the bottom and I know you will want to leave a comment for Thomas to read as well!

Thomas competed in several competitions this past year and won the Rewe Family 2010 competition awarding him the opportunity to be involved in a workshop with the award winning singer Kate Hall. Thomas told me;.

“This was really a wonderful experience both winning the contest and then being able to be in the workshop with Kate Hall.  Not only was it cool but it helped me a lot!”

This experience set the pace for his next big stage performance in a musical called “Death Potion” in which he had two singing performances “Nature Boy and “JeSuis Malade”.





However the highlight of the year came in November when Thomas along with hundreds of young artists from all over Germany assembled Vorentscheid_9352to compete in the (German Finals for Pearl Berlin 2010) competition.  The contest had three different age groups with Thomas competing in the 14-17 year old group. It gives us great pleasure to announce that Thomas walked away with 2nd Place in this prestigious award show singing in front of an audience of over 6,000 people.  Then Thomas returned to compete in the Grand Finals and captured the win! Thomas was elated when he wrote to me exclaiming;

“Rod, the Final Berlin Pearl reserves no placements and there were many, many friends performing but I won”.

How exciting Thomas that you were given this honor for which was undoubtedly well deserved!

Below is one of Thomas’s winning performance for the Euro Pop Contest Berliner Perle.  We are happy to say that his [highlight color=”yellow”] video is being shown exclusively here [/highlight] on Rivenmaster’s Place!  “Thank you Thomas for sharing this wonderful exclusive video with us and all of your fans and readers here at Rivenmaster’s Place”.


Of course my all time favorite song by Thomas is “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers.  Thomas performed this twice this year.  Earlier in March he won placement in the preliminary competition for the Euro Pop Contest 2010 and then again for the Rewe Family Competiton which he also won. Watch as Thomas shows his singing prowess in this performance which brought Goosebumps to everyone in attendance! Be sure to note his facial expressions as he sings.  This showman quality alone makes Thomas Hans’ both exciting and enjoyable to watch and hear!


“Thomas told me that he has decided to study and pursue a professional career in music.  He also has a strong desire to become involved in acting both on stage and in films.  I’m sure he will continue in this story of success and I look for even bigger news to come out of Germany about this extremely proficient young artist.  We are proud of you Thomas and backing you all the way!”


Thomas had a special photo shoot just in time for this publication today!  I’m happy to offer it below along with a picture of Thomas singing one of his winning performances.

Enjoy the show!

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Recently Thomas was featured by a German Blog called  “The west portal of the WAZ media group” .  They entitled their article “Thomas Hans’ Heartthrob with a Great Voice“. If you are a fan or reader from Germany be sure you read this article published in your native language.


Thomas spent the last few days in the recording studio and I’m happy to present his 4 new songs for your listening pleasure.

  • JeSuis Malade (From the Musical “Death Potion”)
  • Simply the Best (Tina Turner & The Sex Pistols)
  • Love of My Life (Queen)  This is actually a new and higher version than Thoma’s earlier version.
  • Free Like the Wind (Alyson Avenue)  I really enjoyed this as it was the first time I had heard this song!

[ti_audio name=”thomas hans 2011″ width=”480″]

I have also included these new songs by Thomas in his player on the.

[button_round color=”blue” url=””] Ultimate Unsigned Artist Page [/button_round] .


If you would like to know more about Thomas or if you would like to contact him you can visit and connect with him through the following:

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  1. Hey Rod – I really enjoyed reading all about Tom in your article. And yeh, I love the Unchained Melody version too – awesome. Great work Tom – keep rocking and sharing your singing 🙂 Bronwyn V from NZ 🙂

  2. Tom is a great singer. I love his version of Unchained Melody. He’s another kid with a bright future as a performer.

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