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I’m not really sure what was in the water in Australia about 14 years ago but there must have been a hidden ingredient that caused son’s to be born into the world with a natural ability to sing and perform. Such great talents as Troye Sivan, Straalen McCallum,  Cody Simpson, all of which have become personal favorites of mine. 

Today however, I want to bring to you a 13 year old Aussie who while yet unsigned is beginning to make ripples in the ocean of talented young male singers.  His name is Jack Vidgen and if you have not yet heard this young treble singer, fasten your seat belt and turn up the volume while you listen to these samples featured on his domain site and placed here for your convenience.

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O Holy Night vid
Exclusive Video Jack Performs "Oh Holy Night"


Jack’s Mother Rachel informed me that Jack has been belting out tunes since he was just three years of age.  Enhancing his pure raw musical talent, Jack has been receiving professional vocal training for the past three years practicing at least two hours a day.  Jack is proficient in not only his vocals but is quick to pick up on a variety of styles and has the ability to make the songs his own using some of his personal singing techniques.   While Jack can sing just about any genre his passion lies with R&B/Soul music and if you listen to his samples above you will quickly hear how he pours himself into these types of songs.

jack true colorsWhile enjoying much success over the past few years, 2010 was a banner year for Jack with winning performances at a variety of venues.  His website boasts how Jack was awarded Rotary Club’s “Young Musician of the Year” and performed at their annual awards night. In addition Jack helped in raising $50,000 by performing at the annual fundraiser at International College of Management; was a Simi-finalist in the Star Search competition and was also involved in recording the title song for the musical “Kick”.  If all this was not enough Jack performed as a solo artist in Northern Beaches Secondary College “On Show”, won the Warringah Eisteddfod Junior Vocal Championship, successfully auditioned for the NSW Talent Development Program and was a featured artist in the NSW Schools Spectacular.

Recently, Jack successfully auditioned for the Australian Casting Crew being considered for Cirque Du Soleil, Canada and was also invited to perform as a featured artist by Multimarathon Multi Charity at their 2011 launch.

His most prestigious and memorable televised performance last year of course was at the Sydney Entertainment Center where he performed the song “True Colors” in four different performances to a seated audience of over 12,000 for all four performances.

Due to Jack’s video for True Colors being removed I have just appended this publication with an updated video of Jack’s Latest Performance on Australia’s Got Talent!  Enjoy!

Jack Vidgen Audition Performance Australia's Got Talent
Jack Vidgen Audition Performance Australia's Got Talent

What will 2011 bring for Jack?

This year will also be exciting for Jack having been asked by the previous Producer/Director of Opera Australia Stuart Maunder, to perform at the upcoming Hat’s Off Concert in February. Jack will share the stage with some very well know Australian recording artists singing a solo spot. He is also most excited about being chosen after an audition process, for an upcoming Australian reality TV show which is yet to be announced.

So whether it was in the water, food, gene pool or just God giving talent that was poured out upon Australia, one thing is evident Jack Vidgen received a double portion.  You can almost be assured that this is only the beginning of great things that will come our way from this outstanding young performing male vocalist.

Jack turns 14 on the 17th of this month so be sure to visit one of his sites and wish him a Happy Birthday and congratulate him on his outstanding accomplishments.

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  1. Jack Vidgen
    love love love love
    miss you miss you
    friend  Ann pedersen

  2. ur amazing jack i was in school spectacular in the choir in 2010 and i saw u and thourght u were great i love ily for eva

  3. I definitely agree with your observation about Australia – and its not just talents in music , but in cine as well ( I am still under the influence of the last film I saw which turned out to be Australian ). Jack`s voice is very clear and his range is quite impressive from what I have heard of him.

  4. Thanks Peter for visiting the Site and I can’t agree more with you about Jack! He is simply phenomenal! I’m look for great things from him in the near future!

  5. Jack Vidgen is awesome, and selflessly sings at fundraisers….he deserves to make it, and he will!

  6. Jack – truely amazing! Conor (who you know) likes to sing but only at home lol – however you both have something in common that you’re not that fond of – maths I believe!!

  7. Well done Jack…and not even 14!!! Looks like you will be the Sachin Tendulkar of the Music world!!!!

  8. I have seen Jack perform a couple of times. Both times I’ve watched him blow everyone away including myself. Good luck Jack. You deserve it.

  9. Well done Jack- keep going… Away from the world of vocoders and other FX we need something raw that hasn’t been manipulated digitally that’s as excellent as this. Great stuff, sir!

  10. I can see by all the comments this young man will go far, his voice control is incredible!

  11. Thank you everyone for all the great comments 🙂
    It really means a lot to me.

  12. A young man that has a very exciting and bright future ahead of him in the music and entertainment industry. Has a truly rare real talent, and this is what Australia needs. Go Jack!!!

  13. A true amazing Talent. This young boy will go very far.
    A recording company will get him in no time.

  14. Jack – may your singing in 2011 bring even more joy to all of us, especially to you. Keep up the wonderful work and have fun. Love and hugs R&D.

  15. Jack has an amazing voice and only 13. It is great to see such young talent. We watched his performance from the NSW School Spectacular where he sang True Colours to 12,000 in the audience. He was not phased by the size of the audience and his performance was riveting. Well done Jack.

  16. Jack was the star of our Christmas Choral Concert held on December 9 at Manly Oval. He also performed at my Christmas party and brought the house down. Not only is he a wonderful talent but a lovely boy as well.
    Jean Hay AM Mayor of Manly

  17. Jack indeed is truly amazing. He has universal appeal across all age groups. He performed at our Seaforth Art Show Gala Arts Dinner in August 2010 and excited both the young and senior attendee’s. Well done Jack. Regards Philip Young

  18. Thanks Tommy for your comment! Yes Jack is amazing. His vocal range and control is one of the best I have ever heard! I was very pleased to have him featured here! Thanks for introducing him on your site!

  19. Jack is truly an amazing performer and a great friend. His range is awesome, At his age to get as high as he does and clear, with this he will be one of the great ones….

  20. well done Jack great talent you have, keep up the hard work !!

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