Thomas Hans’ Winning Performer Extraordinaire

Thomas Hans New


It’s hard to believe that Thomas has not graced our site since last March, but it’s not because we haven’t tried.  Thomas was extremely busy this past summer and we only caught up to him this past week.  This update article should prove to be the biggest and best we have ever had for Thomas including 4 brand new recordings and an exclusive video which can only be seen here. So please be sure to share this article using the tools at the bottom and I know you will want to leave a comment for Thomas to read as well!

Thomas competed in several competitions this past year and won the Rewe Family 2010 competition awarding him the opportunity to be involved in a workshop with the award winning singer Kate Hall. Thomas told me;.

“This was really a wonderful experience both winning the contest and then being able to be in the workshop with Kate Hall.  Not only was it cool but it helped me a lot!”

This experience set the pace for his next big stage performance in a musical called “Death Potion” in which he had two singing performances “Nature Boy and “JeSuis Malade”.


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