Theo Constantin: passionate Romanian performer

“My music is created to reach the soul of those who hear it”      Theo Constantin


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Romania and its remarkable people have a special place in my heart. Torchlight Talent is privileged to feature young artists from all over the world, but we are especially delighted to introduce to you today the rising Romanian star, Theodor Constantin. 

Theo was born in Bucharest, the Romanian capital, in 2005 where he still lives with his family. His musical journey began in the choir of the Ecumenical Institute of Sacred Music in Bucharest where he quickly became a soloist and started to study piano at the age of five. As a soloist of the choir, Theo realised that solo singing gave him the opportunity he craved for self-expression and communication with his audiences. So, at just 7 years old he started studying pop music at the Academy of Fine Arts and today he is a student at the Art School of Bucharest where he studies solo singing and performing.

I asked Theo to tell me a little about his greatest musical influences:

professional photo8“When Michael Jackson died, in 2009, I was almost 5 years old. In Romania, it was on all the radio stations and all the TV channels. His music was everywhere. This event was a significant moment in my life, I asked my parents for Michael’s music. I have studied him – from the man to the artist – and it was from watching him that I learned my first lessons in solo singing.

The idea that I could express what I was singing best through solo performance was already deep inside me. Michael Jackson confirmed that for me. Through his music, I learned English – actually, I learned to speak English, without understanding what I was saying – by learning his famous songs. Then I listened to rock music, rock ballads. They had something special. They had a particular feeling.”


professional photo2Theo has his own music producer and together they try to create music and videos to express the messages that Theo wants to communicate. His repertoire consists of both covers and his own original songs. One of the wonderful things about Theo’s music and videos is that they are unapologetically from his own perspective and expressing the joys and struggles which he experiences as a 10-year-old boy. He performs with such confidence and energy, you might expect Theo to be very outgoing and extraverted, but in truth he is a quiet and thoughtful boy for which music is his preferred method of communication.  

“Each track has its own history. It is inspired by real life. I am quite shy and usually don’t talk too much and that is why I think my music speaks for me. For example, my latest single, ‘I’ll be your hero’ has an underlying social message that I want to send to all those who can stretch out a hand to help the children who, unfortunately, do not have a family, a house or a toy. They would love it to happen. That’s why they need a hero in their life, a normal person who is willing to stretch out that saving hand toward them. My music is positive, though certain parts awaken feelings of sadness. It always expresses truth and all the tracks have a happy ending.”


I'll Be Your Hero Theo

Matt in LugojOn a personal level, I found myself extremely moved by Theo’s cover of ‘Read all about it’ by Emeli Sandé who, like me is, a Scottish artist. In summer 2012, I spent a very emotional time working in a Romanian Orphanage where I completely fell in love with Romania and its people and was heartbroken by some of the struggles I witnessed in my time there. (You can read my blog here) Given the recent history of Romania, some of the lyrics of ‘Read all about it’ – especially in Theo’s Romanian accent – were so profound that they almost reduced me to tears!

Yeah we’re a wonderful, wonderful people
So How did we all get so fearful?
Now we’re finally finding our voices
So come, take a chance, help me sing this

Theo Read All About It


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“I am a lucky child, I truly believe this. I’m grateful for every little thing that I have achieved and if I don’t succeed first time, I keep trying until I do.

My music is created to reach the soul of those who hear it. I live in hope that somewhere, someday, someone is hearing my music and it is making them happy or encouraging them to do something good for themselves or for someone around them.

My friends and my fans encourage me in what I do and I am so grateful to them all for encouraging me and supporting my music. I wish that my music could unite people from all the parts of the world and give them pleasure and joy. For now, I know that all I want to do is to sing and, by this, to express my love for everything which is good and beautiful.”

I always enjoy the responses I receive from young artists when I ask them what advice they would offer to other young people pursuing their musical dreams. Theo’s response was particularly interesting. It is the first time I have heard such a young musician requesting constructive criticism! Here is his very mature response:

“I believe that each young person who sings or plays has great potential but, from my point of view, the accomplishment of our dreams depends on work, work and more work. But not just any kind of work: it must be driven by love and passion. If you don’t put passion and love in what you do, you will not succeed. I also think that it’s a good thing to take everything step by step and always be sure that what was made today can be made even better tomorrow.

I also believe that every young person hoping to become successful should let themselves be guided. He should accept the advice of the teachers and all the people who are in the music industry and he should also try to communicate freely with those who listen to his music to offer them what they want.



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You, as readers and I as a singer, we all know that music connects people, that music speaks for us, that music creates better connections in the universe than we can do, as human beings. So we should listen to music with much pleasure, and listen with the desire to understand it.

You people, who are listening to me, you should criticise me when I’m wrong and also help me if you believe that I could be better. I accept any piece of advice which can get me closer to your heart. Actually, this is my main goal: to touch your hearts by telling you stories through music.”

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Be sure to follow Theo and support him through his social media:

And finally, Theo would like to say thank you:

“There is a long list of people who have helped me and are still helping me. I couldn’t single any out. Each one has a special place in my heart; each one, in their own way, has helped me to discover myself.

However, I do have to especially thank my parents for all the support and love that they offer me daily, to my music producer, to all the composers who have trusted me, to my promoter who stays by my side, day and night, and last, but not the least, to you, Matt [Torchlight Talent].

The most important thing right now is that you are reading this and that you are giving me a little bit of your life. I thank you and I will always love you for that.”

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