Gaitway Brothers – an inspiring true story

Gaitway-Brothers-before-and-afterLife is full of tragic and touching stories. Peter and Steven Gait – the Scottish twin singers better known as the Gaitway Brothers – have just turned 15-years-old. At this time of year, we often find ourselves looking back with amazement at how much we have achieved and with nostalgia at how much has changed.

It has been my privilege to work with the boys since they were 10-years-old and to share, not only in their musical journey, but also in that dangerous adventure that every adolescent boy must take: their journey to manhood.  


Though every boy must rise to this challenge, it cannot be overstated how difficult if can be. The Gaitway Brothers are no stranger to tragedy and perhaps this gives some of their music it’s unique pathos which fans often describe. I asked Steven and Peter to share personally a little about themselves:


Gaitway-Brothers-StevenI was born in Scotland and I live Helensburgh. A lot of our songs are old traditional music and it’s written by Matthew or people we work with. 

A big struggle for me was my Dad passed away when I was 9. My Papa and Nana give me the strength to persevere because they are really supportive of me. 

My advice to other young people trying to succeed in music is try hard, don’t give up don’t listen to all the people that make fun of you or say you can’t do it. 

Please keep supporting us b sharing our videos and tell people to ‘like’ us, follow us etc. Thank you so much for all you do. I want to give special thanks to Matthew Todd, Phil Todd, Nathan my Papa, Mum and Nana”




I was born in the Vale of Leven in Alexandria which is in in Scotland and I live in Helensburgh. My biggest musical inspiration is Matthew Todd, our manager and our friend.

We sing lots of traditional Scottish music and have other songs about God. Some of the songs we have sung are written by Matthew Todd and we do covers of other songs like ‘Human’ by the Killers.

Our Dad passed away when we were 9. It was hard and was a dark time for me. My Nana and Papa help me carry on because they encourage me and are very supportive, and my Mum as well.

My ambition is to learn Japanese and to achieve higher in all the subjects I choose at school and advance higher in some too.  I want to go to university and go to Japan and go to the Pokémon store and theme park.

My advice to other young people would be to try as hard as possible, believe in yourself and stick to it and practice.

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A special thank you to Matthew Todd, Phillip Todd, Nathan Todd, Mum, Nana, Papa and all our fans and the people who have helped in our music videos.

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Phil-Todd-directorMany of Gaitway Brothers’ most beautiful music videos are produced in collaboration with my talented brother Philip Todd, a professional actor and film-maker. Much of his work has featured on this site in the past including The Fable of Forsaken in which Steven plays the mysterious forest creature ‘Forsaken’ and Peter sings a haunting treble solo in the score. We have also featured Phil’s first fantasy feature film Dalriata’s King which is currently in post-production and in which Peter and Steven also have roles. 

Phil says of the Gaitway Brothers:

“Peter and Steven are legends! They’re really, really great. They’ve got a lot of energy and they are fantastic screen actors, actually. It’s sort of their hidden talent. They take very well to the film-set environment and are able to deliver exactly what’s needed.” (Philip Todd in the ‘Making of Còmhla Riu-sa’)

Gaitway Brothers’ very first music video is a beautiful reminder of the care-free innocence of childhood:

Gaitway Brothers VideoWatch the boys’ first Music Video

As many Gaitway Brothers fans will have worked out by now, the boys have a tendency to be lively to the point of hyper-active! But what you are unlikely to know is the miraculous transformation that comes over them when they start to sing. One minute they are running around like headless chickens and the next they are still, focussed and effortlessly making the most heart-wrenching music. 


Perhaps the award winning ‘Comhla Riut-sa’ remains the greatest legacy of Gaitway Brother’s work so far. The ethereal song and video combines the boys’ singing and acting talents; an original song with Scottish Gaelic lyrics; at the height of their treble abilities; and using some of the most stunning Scottish locations.

There is undoubtedly something uniquely powerful and moving about the unchanged treble voice. Perhaps it is that delicate marriage of something intensely beautiful which, in our hearts, we know will soon be gone. And perhaps this is what makes this music video so special. Peter and Steven’s experience of mortality give them the innate ability to naturally express the very mature and serious message of this song. It is as if there is a deeply hidden depth to the boys which we see only when they sing:     

Gaitway-Brothers-collageWatch the award winning Music Video “With You” / Còmhla Riut-sa

I could go on and on! Each video has its own unique story, but why not explore them for yourself on their youtube channel.

The next project will see the Gaitway Brothers collaborating once more with English rapper Jonezy on an innovative music video raising awareness of bullying.

The boys and their family really appreciate your support and so do I. Thank you so much!  

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