The Fandinos: Talented Twins with Heart

“Our generation is the future and we think giving back is what it’s all about”       The Fandinos

The Fandinos

The Fandinos   Nolan & Jacob

The Fandinos are an up and coming musical duo who love to perform and have a heart for using their gifts to inspire others. Nolan, the drummer and Jacob, the singer and guitarist were born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in December 2002 and live in Elon, North Carolina. Both Nolan and Jacob are multi instrumentalists and play guitar, piano, drums and both of the boys sing too.
“We started out by playing around with our father’s musical instruments. After practicing for a couple of months we entered our 3rd Grade Talent Show and played Twist and Shout and were hooked on The Beatles. We placed 2nd and then won first place the next two years.”
The first song I heard by the Fandinos was a cover of ‘Hello’, by SugarBomb. I quickly became hooked! Sibling groups have a special significance to me but I also loved Nolan and Jacob’s fresh sound and youthful exuberance. I can honestly say I listened to ‘Hello’ on loop for most of a day and liked it more each time!
“Some of our musical influences as we began our journey were our father and the Beatles. Our music has been a combination of cover songs and originals. We tend to lean toward upbeat melodic pop and rock songs that are heavy on melody and rhythms. We are working on some original songs too. When we write will usually come up with a melody or a chord pattern first. On the creative side it is fun writing hooks for the songs. We like a variety of music from pop and rock to jazz and R&B.
We try and play live every month or so when possible. Locally we’ve played benefit concerts for Relay for Life as well as The Humane  Society.
One of our biggest challenges with our music is limited time. We try to get our school work done as early as possible in order to make time for our music which is much more fun! We love to perform live so that is our main inspiration for playing. We have been surrounded by music and musical instruments since we were born. Our fans are great too and that keeps us going strong! They are always so positive. We definitely want to have a career in music and  make our fans happy with it as well. Our greatest advice to other musicians is practice, practice, practice; enjoy what you do; and always keep learning.”

The boys have a very positive attitude towards their fans and never seem to take the support they receive for granted. Many young artists give up on regularly replying to comments and keeping their supporters updated when the initial thrill has died off but The Fandinos are showing no sign of fan fatigue! 
BrittanySaxePhotography.26“We love communicating with our fans so keep the messages coming. All our fans messages and support keeps us motivated! We try to answer questions fans send us and interact with them on social media as much as we can.
A big thanks to our parents for always encouraging us and surrounding us with so many different types of music and instruments. Also our music teachers and of course our fans for always sending positive messages and being there for us everyday!”
As well as being talented musicians, Nolan and Jacob have a genuine desire to use their talents to benefit others. For me, this such an important aspect of being a true artist in an industry which is often tragically lacking in compassion. For children to show an awareness of those outside their own sphere at an age which is typically ego-centric is inspiring to say the least. Artists like The Fandinos give us the much needed hope for the future of the entertainment industry.
We both have felt it is important to give back to the community in which we live. Not only does it make us feel good by helping others it promotes our message of young musicians inspiring the world through music. We use the hashtag #giveback on a lot of our posts to try and send a message to kids our age that our generation is the future and we think giving back is what it’s all about.
Make sure you follow The Fandinos on their social media and give them lots of support and encouragement!