The Fandinos: Talented Twins with Heart

“Our generation is the future and we think giving back is what it’s all about”       The Fandinos

The Fandinos

The Fandinos   Nolan & Jacob

The Fandinos are an up and coming musical duo who love to perform and have a heart for using their gifts to inspire others. Nolan, the drummer and Jacob, the singer and guitarist were born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in December 2002 and live in Elon, North Carolina. Both Nolan and Jacob are multi instrumentalists and play guitar, piano, drums and both of the boys sing too.
“We started out by playing around with our father’s musical instruments. After practicing for a couple of months we entered our 3rd Grade Talent Show and played Twist and Shout and were hooked on The Beatles. We placed 2nd and then won first place the next two years.”
The first song I heard by the Fandinos was a cover of ‘Hello’, by SugarBomb. I quickly became hooked! Sibling groups have a special significance to me but I also loved Nolan and Jacob’s fresh sound and youthful exuberance. I can honestly say I listened to ‘Hello’ on loop for most of a day and liked it more each time!
“Some of our musical influences as we began our journey were our father and the Beatles. Our music has been a combination of cover songs and originals. We tend to lean toward upbeat melodic pop and rock songs that are heavy on melody and rhythms. We are working on some original songs too. When we write will usually come up with a melody or a chord pattern first. On the creative side it is fun writing hooks for the songs. We like a variety of music from pop and rock to jazz and R&B.
We try and play live every month or so when possible. Locally we’ve played benefit concerts for Relay for Life as well as The Humane  Society.
One of our biggest challenges with our music is limited time. We try to get our school work done as early as possible in order to make time for our music which is much more fun! We love to perform live so that is our main inspiration for playing. We have been surrounded by music and musical instruments since we were born. Our fans are great too and that keeps us going strong! They are always so positive. We definitely want to have a career in music and  make our fans happy with it as well. Our greatest advice to other musicians is practice, practice, practice; enjoy what you do; and always keep learning.”

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Daves Highway Musicians With A Message

Daves Highway Banner 2014


Daves Highway
Daves Highway Erika, Zachary, and Delaney Daves


Rivenmaster’s Place is always happy to find youngsters at the beginning of their musical careers. For this site, there is no greater pleasure than following and observing their development from young budding musicians into real super stars. Today’s featured guests are more than just amazing young musicians and vocalists. They are wonderful human beings who are making a difference in the world through their music and moral character.

When I first discovered Daves Highway’s music, they were just young kids doing their thing on YouTube. However, it was not hard to see from their first cover songs that these young people had a special relationship with God, family, and life in general. Their cheerful dispositions, warm personalities, polite responses to comments, and willingness to share with others, convinced me to become a loyal follower and fan for life.

Daves Highway 2014

Apparently I was not alone, as it was shortly after the release of our first article about them entitled “Mississippi Music Magic” published to, that Chris Tomlin took notice of their first cover of his song “Jesus Messiah”………….the rest is history.

Now in their first years of College, Daves Highway has grown into a famous professional young adult singing group. While this website will always remember them as cute little preteens just staring out, what we now hear is one of the most unique and amazing Christian crossover singing groups this country has ever produced.

It is with great pleasure that today I offer their full update presented exactly as it was given to me for your reading pleasure.

I trust, if you have not already joined their thousands of fans that you will by the end of this article.



“It’s been so long since we were “discovered” by our friend Rivenmaster. He posted our story from the very beginning way back in 2009. Since then, so much has changed for us. We’ve gone from a home school to attending college. We’re approaching 200,000 Facebook fans and have over 15 million video views, 4 studio CDs, and have written lots of songs.   And, now we’re kind of waiting to see where our music career might take us next. We’re hoping for a quick departure from college and onto a tour bus, but you never know.

Daves Highway rm 11 2014 new sm

We’ve played for thousands of people across the country, primarily in the southeast and have visited 12 states so far. We’re about to head up to New York to play a concert at “The Brooklyn Tabernacle”, which is very exciting for us.

Daves Highway An Acoustic Christmas

Our journey has enabled us to reach a lot of people and hopefully has demonstrated that the best life is one of character, morals, and honesty. There are shortcuts you can take, but in the end God just wants us to know and honor Him. And, that’s what we plan to do.

All 4 of our studio CDs are quite unique and different. We’ve experimented a lot with our sound learning who we want to be musically and it shows differently on each recording.   Our CDs are all available through our website and we have some other cool stuff there, too.   We also have iTunes, Amazon, and other internet sites selling our songs as well.

Our current CD was released on November 11 and is titled Daves Highway- An Acoustic Christmas. We believe this is our best work thus far. Even though we didn’t write the songs, our interpretation and arrangements of these classic tunes are pure Daves Highway. We recorded the entire record in about a week in a studio tucked away in the mountains near Asheville, NC. The songs were produced By Andrew Reed who made them just the way we wanted them, and we think you’ll love every song!

Daves Highway Live Performance 2014
Daves Highway Live Performance

As for the immediate future, we are going to release several new videos from ‘An Acoustic Christmas’ between now and Christmas. Here’s a new video of one of our favorites “Little Drummer Boy”

Daves Highway Drummer BoyDaves Highway New Music Video “Little Drummer Boy”

We also have a live DVD/CD in the can and ready to distribute. We made the live set back in 2011 at the Altamont Theatre in Asheville, too. It will be neat to look back at the fun we had back then.

We can’t write another word without saying a big THANKS to all of you who have read, liked, subscribed, and shared our posts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.     Please know that we do our best to read every post.   Without you, we can’t continue to do what we love to do….and that’s making music!

Daves Highway Live 2014

Keep following us! We’re going to take a positive message to everyone who will listen. And most of all, may God bless you.”

Daves Highway – Erika, Zachary, and Delaney Daves