tallan behindbackOf all the talent that I’m privileged to write about I especially enjoy keeping you up to date about my young friend Tallan Latz!

Tallan is not only an exceptionally talented musician and guitarist but also a great young personality who is able to jam with some of the biggest and best blues guitarists in the music industry.

Tallan lights up a stage just by being there, but when he starts to play you have to stand back in amazement that this youngster not only can perform but make sounds come from his instrument that only the most knowledgeable and skilled artists can match or keep up to.

I so much enjoy watching the pros faces when they watch and play along with Tallan!  Chord for chord and riff for riff!

“Tallan doesn’t just play music he makes music!”

It’s been a long time since my last update for Tallan and every day the searches for him continue to climb here on Rivenmaster’s Place! Readers young and old are hunting for new tidbits about this amazing blues wonder! I have not written, only because Tallan has been so very busy. Since my last writing, Tallan has been doing many concerts, shows, and events such as the one held back in September.

Tallan was part of the PSR Guitars Experience held at the PRS factory. I think it’s just amazing that you see Tallan’s name included in this collection of amazing guitarists and listed right under Grammy Award winning Ricky Skaggs. Congratulations Tallan! 

Our young musician appeared on stage with Derek St. Holmes from Ted Nugent’s Band and Howard Leese from Bad Company and played Rock n Roll by Zeppelin.

In addition to this great show Tallan also appeared at the Ground Zero Blues Bar in Clarksdale, Mississippi playing to a super charged audience.

Wes Jeans, Tallan Latz, Eric Scortia, SRV RIDE AND CONCRT 2010
Wes Jeans, Tallan Latz & Eric Scortia

From there he traveled down to Dallas, Texas Co-Headlining at the SRV Ride & Concert with Eric Gales, Lance Lopez and Wes Jeans.

If appearing in all these great places in the US wasn’t enough, Tallan then went overseas to Denmark in November for 3 festivals, sharing the stage there with Ronnie Baker Brooks and Michael Burks.


Now you can plainly see the reason I have not been able to keep up with this Brilliant Busy Blues Boy!”

Here’s another great article by American Blues News which includes a great interview by Mark Bastin.

CowboysTallan’s Dad told me that when they got back from Dallas, Tallan was in the studio filming some beginner Guitar instructional videos that will be up on the web soon.  In addition to that, Tallan will have 2 new instructional DVD/Books coming out in the next couple of months.

Tallan Latz 2010Believe me when I tell you that Tallan is one young man that can give instructions and teach even the best of performers a trick or two.  I for one will be looking forward to those videos and while I’m sure I would never be able to play like Tallan I might actually learn how to do something with these fingers besides type on a keyboard!

Tallan will also be going into the studio soon to start putting together a new cd and I’m told we can expect that by mid-summer.  You can be sure to find it here and all the links required for purchasing your copy!

Right now, Tallan is putting together a new band for his summer tour.  The new band name will be “Tallan”.

“I for one can’t think of a better name for T-Man’s Band! I truly hope he comes to Grand Rapids so I can get front row tickets!  On second thought perhaps I can get a backstage pass!”


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