Joshua Bernstein DC’s New Promising Performer

Joshua Bernstein

During the past two years I have had the opportunity to introduce many young singers on this site. In almost every case, the youngster seemed to express their singing talent at a very young age.  In fact some were barely walking when they discovered that they had a special musical ability.  However, in the case of 14 year old Josh Bernstein from the Washington DC area, his self discovery came much later; however that’s not to say that it went totally unnoticed!

When Josh was three years old, he really took to the show Barney. But unlike most other Barney fanatics, Josh felt the need to reenact the whole show. He would line up the Barney characters and then regal the family with each song from the show. Josh’s grandfather, who discovered his own singing talent later in life, commented that Josh had an amazing singing voice and that he hit every note. Years later, when Josh started demonstrating serious talent, Josh’s grandfather would claim that it was he who discovered Josh’s talent when Josh was a toddler. He claimed that Josh owed him 40% of his future proceeds.

JoshonstageJoshua went silent after the Barney years. In early childhood performances with his class, Josh would mumble the words while his more enthusiastic classmates carried the tune. He loved music and began to collect songs on his iPod, but showed no interest in singing or musical pursuits. When his grandfather pushed Josh and his parents for Josh to take up a musical instrument, Josh didn’t seem to have much of an interest. Finally, Josh took up the drums. He liked drumming but didn’t have a strong passion for it. (This is ironic because after Josh discovered his singing talent and joined a rock band, he began to wish he was the drummer and would spend 10 minutes on the drums after every vocal lesson).  But then six months later, Josh gave up the drums. Continue reading “Joshua Bernstein DC’s New Promising Performer”


tallan behindbackOf all the talent that I’m privileged to write about I especially enjoy keeping you up to date about my young friend Tallan Latz!

Tallan is not only an exceptionally talented musician and guitarist but also a great young personality who is able to jam with some of the biggest and best blues guitarists in the music industry.

Tallan lights up a stage just by being there, but when he starts to play you have to stand back in amazement that this youngster not only can perform but make sounds come from his instrument that only the most knowledgeable and skilled artists can match or keep up to.

I so much enjoy watching the pros faces when they watch and play along with Tallan!  Chord for chord and riff for riff!

“Tallan doesn’t just play music he makes music!”

It’s been a long time since my last update for Tallan and every day the searches for him continue to climb here on Rivenmaster’s Place! Readers young and old are hunting for new tidbits about this amazing blues wonder! I have not written, only because Tallan has been so very busy. Since my last writing, Tallan has been doing many concerts, shows, and events such as the one held back in September.

Tallan was part of the PSR Guitars Experience held at the PRS factory. I think it’s just amazing that you see Tallan’s name included in this collection of amazing guitarists and listed right under Grammy Award winning Ricky Skaggs. Congratulations Tallan!  Continue reading “TALLAN LATZ BRILLIANT BUSY BLUES BOY”