John Ververis Connecticut’s Extraordinary New Performing Vocalist

John Jump1
I‘m told that a virtuoso was originally a highly accomplished musician, but by the nineteenth century the term had become restricted to performers, both vocal and instrumental, whose technical accomplishments were so pronounced as to dazzle the public.

John VerverisToday I’m delighted to introduce a brand new vocalist who has just begun to make his mark in the entertainment circles, but is already raising the eyebrows of people who recognize talent.

I first discovered John on his original YouTube channel where he was singing acappella a cover of “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz.  His first video was a little out of sync before it was corrected, but that is not what caught my attention.  I recognized something in this boys voice that I had heard before from those who have gone on to be bright young professional vocal artists.  What I heard was a wonderful tone quality and nearly perfect pitch performance.

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Chad Clemens Creative Artist Sensational Sound!

Chad Clemens
Chad Clemens

Very often I’m introduced to a young artist through e-mail from supporters. Others I meet through YouTube, MySpace, and even other blog sites.  Such was the case for Chad who was first introduced on my good friend Tommy’s site Stars2come.

Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with Chad and his family and discovered that Fifteen year old Chad Clemens is the youngest of 3 siblings. His older brother Blake (21) is a Junior at Virginia Tech while his sister Carley (19) is a sophomore at Penn State.  His interest in music was first noticed by his parents at a very early age. Whether it was in the car or at home listening to the stereo, Chad, just a toddler, would rock his head in sync to the pulsating rhythmic beat he heard coming from the speakers. One evening at the age of about 10, Chad caught the attention of his parents when they heard him singing to himself from another room and they thought to themselves, “He has a really good voice.”

Chad's Original Song
Watch Chad Sing His Original Song “Hard To Say”

As a youngster, Chad had a natural beat that you just can’t teach, and he loved to tap along to songs he heard on the radio with anything he held in his hands.  At 11, Chad’s parents bought him his first drum set and after just a few lessons, he was performing with his local church band.

Chad’s choice of cover songs has been strongly influenced through the interest that his brother and sister have in music. When home from school, they often recommend a song they have heard saying to Chad, “You have to hear this awesome song”, then play it to him on their computers or iPods.

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