Dima Borodin -New Music Video “Gone” Behind the Scenes!

Dima Bordin
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For several years Dima Borodin has captured the attention of those living in his home country of  Ukraine, but now has expanded his fan base to many more from around the world.

This blog is continually getting requests for contact information about Dima, to find out more about this outstanding young performer/singer.

Only recently Dima debuted is new music video for his brand new hit single release “Gone”.  I am once again privileged to bring you all the information surrounding this video bringing you up to speed with Dima and with his management team, Stormbreaker, out of the UK.

His first video, which debuted on this site back in April, has already exceeded 100,000 views.  This is quite remarkable since this video only featured the audio for the song along with a picture.  With the music video still in the planning stages “Gone” has done remarkably well! This speaks very loudly about the quality of Dima’s vocal talent, in the fact that he is creating so much interest, not just from his fans, but many interested producers from around the world!

I asked Stormbreaker to provide some background to the video shoot so we could present you with a real (Behind the Scenes) look at Dima Borodin’s new music video “Gone”  But first here’s the new Video.  ENJOY!

Dima Borodin - New Video Gone
Watch Dima's Brand New Video

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Mystery Artist Revealed “Dima Borodin”

Dima Borodin

Over a month ago I published a short article in the sidebar about a young man with a sensational sound who I had yet to publish a full feature article for. After only a day or so of that short segment appearing, I discovered that this young man was about to take off on a fantastic new adventure under brand new management, sporting not only a new look and sound, but a new hit single to boot. Thus, the Mystery Artist Contest began resulting in a variety of guesses of who this young man could be.

Today, we are happy to disclose his true identity as none other than Dima Borodin from Donetsk, Ukraine. I first found Dima on his You-Tube Channel and was simply blown away with his singing prowess and charismatic personality that shows through in every performance.  Some youngsters are born with this X-Factor and others have to work hard to develop it.  Dima has a double portion of this special star quality which in itself is sure to make him an international singing sensation. While he has remained a mystery on this site for only a month he has dima3never been a mystery to those who have been following his career which was catapulted more than 6 years ago when he became a presenter of the children’s TV program “Serebryanyi Apelsin” and was awarded with the highest national TV Trophy “Tele-Triumph” in Kiev. Dima has performed in numerous international festivals and concerts in the Ukraine, CIS, and Europe and even hosted a number of events. Continue reading “Mystery Artist Revealed “Dima Borodin””