Dima Borodin -New Music Video “Gone” Behind the Scenes!

Dima Bordin
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For several years Dima Borodin has captured the attention of those living in his home country of  Ukraine, but now has expanded his fan base to many more from around the world.

This blog is continually getting requests for contact information about Dima, to find out more about this outstanding young performer/singer.

Only recently Dima debuted is new music video for his brand new hit single release “Gone”.  I am once again privileged to bring you all the information surrounding this video bringing you up to speed with Dima and with his management team, Stormbreaker, out of the UK.

His first video, which debuted on this site back in April, has already exceeded 100,000 views.  This is quite remarkable since this video only featured the audio for the song along with a picture.  With the music video still in the planning stages “Gone” has done remarkably well! This speaks very loudly about the quality of Dima’s vocal talent, in the fact that he is creating so much interest, not just from his fans, but many interested producers from around the world!

I asked Stormbreaker to provide some background to the video shoot so we could present you with a real (Behind the Scenes) look at Dima Borodin’s new music video “Gone”  But first here’s the new Video.  ENJOY!

Dima Borodin - New Video Gone
Watch Dima's Brand New Video

Directors comment:

The video for “Gone” was shot in just one day and night in Dima’s home town of Donetsk in Ukraine.
I flew over from England to make the music video for Dima, as I feel Dima has something different to offer the music world!  His vocals are unique to him and him alone, and his charismatic performance ability is truly contagious!

We filmed the first part of the video in a massive park in the city which was packed with many people enjoying the weekend sunshine and festival that was going on there.

Screen shot 2011-07-02 at 13.49.00

The bridge scene was actually filmed just off the bridge using a green screen so that the people on the bridge could appear sped up, while Dima sang at normal speed.

We received some strange looks from people and a few requests for autographs, as Dima is well known in Ukraine after his appearance on a reality show similar to  American Idol in the US.

The ‘girl interest’ in the video, is a friend of Dima’s and was quite happy to do the ‘slap’ scene at the beginning of the video. We actually had to shoot the ‘slap’ twice, as the first time both Dima and the girl started laughing, (not the intense scene I was looking for). What Dima said or did to get that slap is left for the viewer to surmise. This scene was filmed in a full cafe and did get diners talking!

Dima Borodin at Skate Park


Other scenes were filmed at a local skate park. Dima loves to BMX with his friends and is always learning new tricks. Again we got out the green screen and performed right there in the skate park amassing a crowd of skaters.

The last shots were the night scenes in a supermarket car park after closing time.We parked the car up to shine light on the concrete wall and had Dima sing in the dark.

After a while, Dima’s sense of humor kicked in and he was shouting out “nooooo …I’m being kidnapped”, which brought the security guards over to investigate what we were doing. After some explaining, they were happy to let us finish the shoot. However, uniformed security guards speaking in Russian is quite intimidating when you have no idea what they are saying!

Dima Borodin - Night Shot
Click to View the Kidnapping Humor!


I filmed 4 music videos with Dima in total. Three were filmed in beautiful Crimea and still await editing. ‘Gone’ took two weeks working night and day to edit.

We hope you enjoy this new video and encourage you to send the link to your friends.

The song was written about a friend who died in a car crash but the lyrics also fit the ‘boy loses girl’ theme, as both losses can feel the same at that moment.

Be sure you’re subscribed to Dima’s YouTube Channel so you do not miss any of his new Vlogs which will be published soon.


Dima Borodin On Beach
Watch Dima's Interview Video while in Crimea!

Dima Borodin is fast becoming a well known celebrity and now reaching out with his captivating smile and super talented vocals.

His new video is only the beginning of what is going to prove to be an exciting adventure to stardom in the months to come.

I for one will be anxious to purchase his debut CD that has been promised for release before the year expires!

Be watching this site for future updates about Dima Borodin with exclusive interviews soon to follow right here on Rivenmaster’s Place.

You can learn more about Dima by visiting these websites or contacting Stormbreaker using the graphic link below.


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